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    please the touchpad needs this there is no way to download anything from the browser
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    I'm sure its on its way but we all could use it right now. Please bring it along soon!!!
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    yes I want to bring this back to the top of the list, this is a must especially since we have the ability to access so many videos, and movies. I wounder if there is any update on this.
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    please..... Jason I will pay you 50bucks
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    okay 100 u.s. Dollars
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    I'd offer him Canadian dollars if I were you ....just sayin'
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    You might want to ask him on twitter. I'm sure he's got too much on his plate right now (summer exams) to scan the forums. You can mention him at @JayCanuck
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    Did this ever happen, or were we not able to sufficiently bribe our favorite Canuck?

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