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    I think that's where icloud will come in and i think ios5 will have file download capabilities. eh... like cut and paste... eventually i guess definitely looking forward to ios5 though.

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    I keep wondering how an earth the iUsers ( did I coin that term ?) are living with it.
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    How about storing recipes on your phone?

    And sports scores are likely delivered directly to your phone. I don't use them but there must a reason people use those instead of the browser. It could also be because of convenince, it's often easier to open app than to navigate to a site the "old-fashioned" way.
    That I agree. Its easier to have them on phone than browse the old fashioned way. My point was directed towards creating an APP based on the information that is available on the web for free, then charging for it ( sure it costs money to make an app). Second gripe was with number of apps. Some people just want an app for everything (me included). Wasn't that APPLE marketing tag , "There is an app for that". I downloaded a ton of apps on my Pre - as if there is no tomorrow. Fast forward two years, I started deleting them. Why? it cluttered my screen, though webOS has excellent search, I just did not like them on my launcher. I only kept few may be 20, that i used often in the last two years.
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