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    As an owner of the original Pre and a Pre 2 now, I would really like to know if the Touchpad's app store works for everyone in any country. I still can only use free apps on my Pre 2 and I will not consider a Touchpad if the app store works the same way...
    Can anyone enlighten me on this?

    I live in Brazil, by the way.
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    Here you go..should be a good read...

    Same goes for TouchPad as with the Veer.
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    @HardBeatz The question remains, even if everybody in the world can now SEE paid apps, can they also PAY them?? What credit cards are accepted?

    I personally still wait before I order a Touchpad to first have confirmed that a Dutch CC works.
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    Not sure about North Korea, Iran and other warm fuzzy places.
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    Ive got a thread going on about this subject and The basic answer is everyone says YES but nobody has the proof to back it up !
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    I have read the thread posted but I am not the least convinced. I have been burned twice by this damn Palm appstore.
    Anyone can confirm that they bought a Touchpad and activated it in another country AND can purchase apps?
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    We might have to wait just a little longer to find out. It will be available in other countries shortly, or people will receive their US one in their country. Keep in mind that these initial ones are wifi versions, so probably not as restricted as the phones have been. Once it is sold in the country you are buying in then the app catalog would be available. If it will not be sold in your country then we will have to wait and see if they have changed things, but I wouldn't risk it, if you need to activate a TouchPad, then make sure you have a credit card for one of the launch countries & select that country for activation.
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    There are credit card problems. I am not able to insert inside German credit card even I am using same profile like on my Palm Pre, where I have German credit card inserted. I have already sent support request to HP to find out what is going on. Currently available countries in the drop down list are USA, Canada and Mexico.

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