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    anyone else having this issue; when i'm in landscape the moveable panes are very unresponsive. I often have to put it in portrait to be able to toggle them. This happens in email and photos particularly...beyond that, my snapfish has been loading for hours--though I do have about 500 pictures there. Maybe I should just delete it?
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    You are touching directly on the verticle lines icon in the corner of the pane you want to move, correct?

    There are two way to move panes; you can drag on the icon, or tap on the icon to move the panes
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    I am touching the verticle lines icon. I've tried tapping and holding and dragging, and the darn thing doesn't seem to work in portrait--well, it does, but about as often as it doesn't. Haven't seen this as an issue others are having here, so I wonder if it is just my device. If I can't get that piece of the UI to start working more reliably, I'm going to have to return this sucker, as it is quite aggravating. But boy do I love WebOS in this form factor! Worth the wait and the weeks spent pestering my wife for authorization to purchase!

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