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    Just in case some of you have a Google Voice number and Skype you can have a fully functioning phone (except some SMS issues) on your TouchPad. If you have a SkypeIN number (number where phones can call you) and SkypeOUT feature you can set the caller ID in Skype to be your Google Voice number. In Google Voice, you can set your Skype number as one of your GV numbers and have calls forwarded to that number in addition to your others. This way you have a fully functioning phone on your TP without a cell phone bluetooth connection.
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    wow great tip thanks! Is skype in free?
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    can you give us more details of exactly how you do it on TP and $$
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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    wow great tip thanks! Is skype in free?
    SkypeIn is 2.99/month or I think if you buy it for the year or 6 months the price drops.. I had to get a SkypeIN number for personal calls as my office is a complete dead zone for cell service and fortunately Skype is not blocked via our network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    can you give us more details of exactly how you do it on TP and $$

    1. Get a free google voice account at and set up your phones.
    2. Go to Skype and sign in with your account (or create one if you don't have one).
    3. Get a "monthly account" that allows you to make calls from Skype to any U.S. or Canada number. Right now I believe it's $2.99 per month or at a discounted rate if you buy several months.
    4. Purchase a SkypeIN number (this is where it gets more expensive - I believe it's $60.00 per year). If you only want to make calls from your Google Voice Number and not Receive calls from your Google Voice number on the TP, you don't need this.
    5. When you are logged into your Skype account online, select the "Caller ID" information and change it to your Google Voice Number.
    6. Go to Google Voice and set up your Skype number as one of your "Forward To" Numbers.

    Unfortunately it seems I can't send SMS through the TP. Don't think this is supported yet by Skype (not sure).

    For me I've always had a Skype in/out setup because my office is in a total cell dead spot (zero signal) and I don't want to use business phone for personal calls. So my calls were routed via my cell phone/skype on wifi. So for under $95.00/year I have unlimited calls to any number and I can receive calls anywhere regardless of cell service. For me it was worth it due to my circumstances but obviously not for everyone.

    EDIT: Actually Skype offers a 50% off an online number if you have a monthly Skype calling feature. So this would drop to a total of $65.00 per year for everything. I didn't even notice it until I looked at my account.
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    you can always send your sms via google voice web site. But very nice work around! (by the way I think sms via skype costs extra no unlimited plans that I know of).

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