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    To get the "Angry Birds" sounds, the speakers need to face away from you with the home button on the left and camera on the right.
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    Why do I sometimes have a sound effect that sound like I a pulling back a giant slingshot with a high-pitched person squealing "Wee!" when I launch a card off the screen? Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Anyone know what this is and how I can control it? As a toy designer I like it!
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    It happens when you hold the Touchpad upside down.

    It's a nod to Angry Birds.
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    lol ...just play the angry birds app...

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    It only works in a certain orientation (hence the sometimes). Speakers facing up I believe...
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    Never heard that noise. But sometimes I hear a quick GONG sound rather than the normal woosh sound. Hard to explain sounds in text but its not the normal sound at all!
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    mine moooos...its weird
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    My daughter found this and showed it to me, didn't have to read about it, hah.
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    Odd; my sounds have stopped working. Oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jack87 View Post
    if you turn your touchpad horizontally and speakers are on top. And vol buttons on bottom. You can drag your card from its top to the bottom of the screen. You will hear sling shot crank up and a wheee! As you release card it will be launched. Kind of like an angry bird. Get it? Easter egg > angry birds > birds lay eggs. Hehe
    It would be great if this could make it into a Ringtone or Notification Sound. It is really funny! I tried looking in Zedge and didn't find anything close.
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