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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    understood... but the product has already launched. this is when the iron is hot. this is when you generate sales velocity. not weeks down the line.

    i'm just having fun discussing strategy thats all so my strategy may not be what the pros do and hp knows better.

    but imo, you fricken flood the airwaves before july 1st and you continue on at last during the first week. seems like what they did with droid... it was so annoying you cant forget it.

    "A Product Launch is the process of bringing a product to market in such a way that it generates sales velocity."

    two-three weeks down you have already had tech reviewers like walt at wsj give their reviews from day one and if they were hot reviews you capitalize with the advertiseing. if they sucked then you drown them out with advertising. the advertising is what creates the maximum velocity from the start. and right now you have a lot of blah reviews to cook for a few weeks.

    eh, just my opinion.

    The fact matter how long the reviews have been out, the TouchPad is under the radar to the majority of consumers at the moment. It may be in the stores but people are overlooking it. I believe HP coming out with commercials later this month may have some sort of strategic value to it but I am not a professional marketing analyst and I don't know what HP has up their sleeve. I feel like HP wont fall flat on its back though and we will eventually understand their intentions with the waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    Thankfully my BB has the dedicated display even though it is mounted backwards, which is a direct attempt at BB display people trying to sabotage HP touchpad efforts.

    Sounds weird, but then why is Apple's iPad display perfectly positioned at center isle and right next to the Galaxy Tab and then the HP dedicated table also by center isle has BB only TouchPad cabled to the backside out of view. Now either BB tech are idiots, LAZY, or simply have it out for HP and the TouchPad platform.

    I need to get some photos of my BB in Gainesville, FL and forward them on to HP who's paying for these primetime spots and probably paying handsomely.

    Either way, the BB dedicated table display is much better then Walmart's stuck in a corner over to the left. Sorli...
    Yes HP is pitching out TONS of cash for these independent displays and when they're not completely set up the BB will be fined due to their contract with HP.
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    My Best Buy actually has them in a decent spot AND they are fairly knowledgeable about them. I say fairly as they can pretty much tell customers the major selling points even if they have never heard of homebrew, precentral or know how to really show off the advantages
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    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    It only stands to reason that no one really knows about the Touchpad and thus placing fourth at Best Buy in a market crowded with already established names is pretty good in my opinion. HP hasn't even begun advertising yet!
    To your point, I played with a TP at one of my local Best Buy's over the weekend. It was on the store's WIFI so I didn't even have to tether it. It was positioned on an endcap with exactly one working model (with two printers on the shelf on the bottom, wth?) and absolutely NO advertising cardboard on the display. I mean nothing, just barren.

    Even at that, while I was playing with it another customer came up and remarked that he wanted to look at a TP, and I also explained to one of the BB sales guys about what TTS will be once the Pre 3 comes out (I had this conversation before I got around to pairing my Pre - and calling my wife from the TP).
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