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    I don't know about everyone else, but I am a little disappointed with app organizing in the Touchpad launcher. When dragging an app across multiple pages, it seems to get dropped on an intervening page. Plus, I find it hard to scroll within a page when editing mode is on. There is not enough empty space to really swipe the page up and down comfortably.

    However, I did find one neat trick to make moving apps easier. Drag an app onto the destination page's label at the top and the app moves to the end of the apps on that page.


    P.S. I really hope adding new pages is coming in the next update...
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    yeah, it would be cool if we could just throw the app or something...
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    thanks. I was just gonna make this thread and it looks like you beat me by a longshot. Heh.
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    I found that when moving from page to page you need to zig-zag (or backup just a bit) and pause for half a second while the TP moves to the new page. IF you hold the app beyond the border, the TP loses it and dumps it anywhere but where you want it. That way you can go directly to placing the app where you want it.
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    I discovered this by accident just the other day. Makes reorganizing much easier.
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    The zig zag method works well on the Pre 2 too
    (Temporarily OFF my TP as the battery was waning due to MUCH use today!)
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    When re-arranging just drag the icon up onto the tab and let go...voila! no need to drag from side to side... pops the icon right into the right category.
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    I had problems moving across pages... until I slowed down and just dragged slowly... worked fine and not an issue as it's not something I do a lot of.

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