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    For me the main reason why I need a tablet is to do some quick browsing of the net without having to go get my laptop or fire up the desktop. It's nice to just grab the tablet sit it in my lap and not have to worry about it heating up etc.

    I must say that the WiFi speeds on the touhcpad are faster then any of my other tablets. I own a rooted nook color running android 3.0, I've owned a galaxy tab and I've also owned a g-tab. I'm not sure if it's the android OS vs WebOS and that's what makes the difference but my TP is so much faster on WiFi.

    Take this for what it's worth, I'm just trying to help out those who may be deciding between the too. Also don't think I'm trying to hate on Android I actually own a Droid X and I love it so it's not that I hate Android, the WiFi on their tablets is just slow.
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    yeah with the netstat app I'm getting 8.6 down with cable
    1.2 with sprint freether =]

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