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    I was looking through an email I got about Photography type seminars just now, and ran across this:

    The Revolutionary HP TouchPad Product Launch
    Thursday, July 14, 2011 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    Speakers: Clay Nagel
    ShareEvent Type: Photography, Software
    Skill Level: Basic

    Join HP, the makers of America’s Favorite Computer, and B&H, where photographers’ needs are always in focus, to hear more about how the HP TouchPad is changing the game for photographers. All attendees will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win an HP TouchPad!

    The link to the full article is below. If you're in the area (New York), check it out and let us know if anything cool is announced.

    The Revolutionary HP TouchPad Product Launch
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    Ooohhh, I wonder if this also means some Adobe Photoshop apps will be coming too...
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    So how do you get your photo's from your camera to your tablet?
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    Cool. I wonder if B&H will add the TouchPad to their kits.
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    Having Adobe port over a streamlined yet functional version of Photoshop (and Illustrator, Dreamweaver... heck the entire CS5 Master Collection as far as I'm concerned) would be totally fantastic. IF that were to happen I'd be hooking myself up with the new 64GB spec bumped version in a heartbeat!

    If they can do it for the iPad2, surely they can do it for the TP1.

    As to how you get your photos from your DSLR or PnS to the TP... I do not know. Maybe using a Eye-Fi SD card? That would be cool.

    I have a friend with one, and he has it set up with Adobe Lightroom. Whatever pictures he takes are automatically uploaded to his computer and then sent to Facebook. Pretty neat technology.

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