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    Hi all,

    Please use the provided Link to see the video. It's a very positive piece.

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    HP TouchPad Browser – Flash, Hulu & More! (Video)
    Posted on July 3, 2011 (3 hours ago) in HP, Tablets by Emily Price

    HP TouchPad Browser – Flash, Hulu & More! (Video) | TechnoBuffalo

    We’ve had the HP TouchPad for a few days now at TB HQ, and today Jon checked out the web browser on the tablet. The TouchPad is flash-capable (unlike another popular tablet on the market), and he gave it a spin on traditional YouTube and Hulu to see if the browser’s Flash capabilities could hold up.

    So, how did it turn out? Check out the video above and see!
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    Yup, just watched it actually. I hope that Hulu won't catch on and block the TouchPad. Ether that or I want a patch that give the touchpad and anonymous identity so Hulu will work.

    I also really want Noah to give some coverage on this device. I love Noah's reviews and believe he is da bomb of the tech review industry.
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    Okay. What did he get paid? (ha, ha). I'm having a blast with my TouchPad and Amazon Premier instant Videos. It looks like I'll have to get my hulu on.
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    I'm still having issues with Hulu, where the ads would load (but not play) for ages and the movie never plays.

    Anyone see this issue?

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