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    Switched On: webOS wherever
    By Ross Rubin posted Jul 3rd 2011 6:59PM

    Switched On: webOS wherever -- Engadget

    This week's release of the HP TouchPad, the first device other than a handset to feature webOS, aptly demonstrates the promise and perils of HP's adopted operating system. The 4:3 tablet provides the large canvas that webOS seemed born to cover. However, like the Xoom and PlayBook before it, the TouchPad suffers from an impoverished app library among other holes. To help share development costs of webOS and expand the market for its developers, HP has warmed to the idea of licensing the Palm-developed operating system.

    HP's willingness to license webOS while continuing to make devices based on the operating system serves up a healthy helping of déjà vu for those who followed the history of Palm, Inc. The PDA pioneer sought to take advantage of its dominance in handhelds, and stave off rival Pocket PCs powered by Windows CE, by licensing the Palm operating system while continuing to use it.
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    only problem with licensing is that other companies would more than likely get rid of the gesture area

    one can only hope HP will keep gesture area in all phones
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    The app argument is lame. I don't need apps when I have a flash enabled browser....

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