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    So I had my facebook and a photobucket account I added. The pics showed up in the albums. I deleted both the accounts and neither removed the photos from the photo app. It created way too many folders and I just wanted to start fresh so I removed them. Now they wont go away. Hopefully its just slow to index? I plugged it into usb mode and will hope for that to fix it like it did on 2.1.0? Anyone else have this issue too?
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    Yup. Photo app is crap(y). I used with the same result. Try looking in the downloads dir (usb mode) but if you delete the directory it won't go away. The best I was able to do was rename it (with either Gemini or internalz.)
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    yup, I finally found something i'm unhappy with. I download some email attachments to photos and they never showed up. Also I can get rid of photos within an album, but how do I get rid of the album?

    I also notIced I cannot see other peoples facebook comments from the photos app as advertised. I can add a comment but I can out right see others. I wouldnt be surprised to see it as an update, but its something they bragged about.
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    I've got the same issue. Added Photobucket then removed, and now the album remains. It didn't have a photo in it, which I have read on the Palm forums means it won't go away after being deleted.

    I believe it is a known bug. I've removed the folder with internalz but it's still there. Hope it gets fixed soon.


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