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    i will be checking out the device with a friend (who is already planning to get the Pre3) tuesday. i need to have the full HP good vibe experience with all the marketing and of course a running demo touchpad for us to play with. Could anybody point to a spot in Manhattan?

    Thx a lot.
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    broadway and union square stores sjow them in stock.

    and here is something to jump start your warm webOS warm feeling:

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    thx. I am looking to use and play with it at the store. I called a couple of BB and some did have them in stock, but no display model.
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    When I was in flushing at the new best buy they didn't have a display model out but when I pushed them on it. They actually had one in the back and brought it out for me to play with. If they have them in Stock my guess is that they have a demo model they just don't have it out and can get it if you want it
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    Ok. Thx
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    Just was at this store
    5001 Northern Blvd
    Long Island City, NY 11101-1033
    R and V train northern Blvd exit.

    Great display, Demo unit and an HP rep
    played with touchpad for about an hour

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