View Poll Results: if you ordered or own a touchpad, and you have both options available when making purchase, which on

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  • 16gb

    10 34.48%
  • 32gb

    19 65.52%
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    lets do some polling, info maybe helpful for future product launch, so hp won't have to do free updates.

    please vote for the model you ordered, 16g or 32g version, if:

    1. you have ordered or own a touchpad.


    2. when you were placing an order, or making a purchase, you have both options available.

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    Bigger is always better! Wish they had a 64MB version ... and, of course, I wanted my $50 rebate
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    I went with the 32GB and with the 50GB of free storage, I think this will be fantastic for me.
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    i'm not eligible for the rebate (UK pre plus user, bought it off ebay <12 months ago).
    my previous phone had 8GB storage and i filled it pretty quickly, but my pre plus has 16GB and i haven't filled it yet, despite using spotify and caching a few playlists locally in addition to my mp3 collection.
    i didn't see the need for 32mb, personally. if i wanted to watch movies or had a massive music collection then maybe i'd have chosen differently.
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    I went with the 16gb version as it took 2 years to fill my 8gb Pre classic. The 50gb sub was just pure bonus.
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    Went for 32gb since I can get the rebate.
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    Went for the 16gb, going for the 3g version when it ships!
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    Thanks for sharing! Please keep it coming! Hopefully this can help next product launch, be that 3g touchpad or opal.
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    I went with the 16GB. With what I plan on doing with it the 16GB is big enough for me.

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