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    I was pretty sure when I got my Touchpad that the home button was flush with the unit casing, however, now it seems that it is indented to the point of wondering if there is something wrong. It still works fine, however, I am wondering if this is a problem in the making for me?

    So, with that said. Is your home button flush with the case? Or is it indented a bit? If indented, does this bother you?

    I went to Best Buy to check and theirs is definitely flush with the shell, so I know mine seems to be inset.

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    from playing with the 3 TP at the store and my own TP, my impression is that the button has a very subtle concave surface, but sits flush with the surface, so that when you run your fingers over you can feel where the button starts and end.
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    Yes, I agree thats the way it is supposed to be. However, my entire button has been inset in to the device a bit. Thanks for letting me know.

    Any others?
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    sligntly indented. Easier to finf it without looking.
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    mine isnt flush. It is slightly inset.
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    Mine and a display at BB are inset.

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