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    Just noticed an interesting oddity. Apparently, if you have an existing profile created from your phone, the TouchPad activation pulls that eMail signature. I had not changed min on my Pre after recently re-doctoring, and just noticed my signature on the TP was set to "Sent from my Palm Pre on the Now Network from Sprint" Obviously I needed to change that.
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    Thats kind of strange...I signed into my Palm Profile with no issues but the TouchPad made sure the signature said "Sent from my HP TouchPad".

    Even more oddly, my Sprint Pre never had that Now Network tagline appended to its signature even by default. It always said "Sent from my Palm Pre."
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    What version of WebOS are you running on your Sprint Pre?
    I'm still on 1.4.5 and was considering upgrading, but if you can share your profile w/o the upgrade, I won't.

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    Sprint Pre- (1.4.5) I have five email accounts that have different signatures. All transferred over to the Touchpad nicely. Even the unique ringtone setting for each account transferred too! I was like "whoa." So easy a caveman...

    IIRC, if your sig has the '--' prefix, then the default signature will overide it after a full erase or doctor.
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