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    amazed that at 3am I had a live customer service rep guiding me through my issue. Quite impressive.
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    What was the issue?
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    I chatted with them as well, and was told they're available 24 hrs.
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    HP/Compaq has always had live chat 24/7 (at least for computers, glad tablets are included as well). Only reason I recommend their computers to family. Web based chat for the life of your computer.
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    yeah.. What was the issue? Just to say hi?
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    in photobucket, there are links you can copy to place on forums for images. The text boxes are smaller than the links and when you drag the copy bar, it wont scroll the text, but will continue copying the text outside the field. Web browser won't treat the text box as an element for scrolling. When I posted the images of the case I bought yesterday, I actually had to use my desktop to do the linking.

    and I couldnt just upload the pic from the TP to the forum post because the upload button wont execute.

    ultimately the guy in chat couldnt help me, despite his multitude of ideas. There some limitations to this form factor.

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