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    after speaking with HP support, i'm doing an advance exchange
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    I had this same problem.
    I sent it back for warranty repair (twice actually, but the first time the lady that could barely speak english filled out the repair request incorrectly. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THOSE PEOPLE REPEAT BACK TO YOU WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.) Anyway, the second time i sent it back it came back absolutely perfect. Have not had any random rebooting at all in a month.

    There were marks around the frame showing it had been completely opened. I know it is/was a hardware issue not a software. I had tried doctoring multiple times and the first time i sent it back all they did was reinstall the software which didnt fix it.

    Either the processor, ram, HD or something causes it. However, you will need to send it for repair.
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    I seem to have this issue, but it only began recently... I also get several random wifi connection loss. I wonder if it is because my TP is near my chimney (2 meters) as I began to make fire for the bad weather of those last days ?

    Maybe an Overclocked TP in a 30°C atmosphere does not like what it gets ? Or maybe I should change my custom kernel to sth else (F4 Phantom) ?
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    I got my advance exchange TP, works great now...had to have been a hardware issue that was not dealt with when I sent it in for repair the first time...
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