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    So, I had to see for myself, first, after the disasters that the reviewers videos showed (the hanging QuickOffice opening, looping screen rotation, lags, etc..), and then seeing the members here who were able to get their hands on a demo or their actual ordered units posting, almost unanimously, that there were no such issues.

    I won't make this long, and I will get right to the point, for those of you who want the short version of my experience, read these next 3 paragraphs and move on:

    This is one slick device, and this particular demo unit (with its twin sister on the other side of the display), was not only fast, but smooth as silk in operation. NO lags, whatsoever, and I promise you, as a WebOS user, I really beat this thing up: I simultaneously opened 2 games, QuickOffice (no docs, though), the email program, the music player (playing a music track), 3 separate web pages (yes, I opened PC on it, with its slow loading ads, and left it on after I left), the demo video that was running on it, and a few of the other apps that were included - about 15 cards, all at the same time...

    And, then I swiped, scrolled, opened and minimized cards like crazy for the next 10 minutes, non-stop (I was really lucky no one from BB came over and interrupted me), and, as it would be, not a darn hiccup.

    Seriously, not a one. Smooth as silk, like a sled on snow. Later on, after this, I immedately went over to the Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, and the iPad2, and one other smaller tablet (much less known, forgot the name), and only the TP and iPad2 sompared to one another, speed and smooth-wise (they were, exactly on par with eeachother, IMO, which is a compliment to the iPad2, because its CPU is technically clocked much slower than the TP's).

    QuickOffice took about 7 seconds to open, and it was the readable version only.

    Videos AND Flash was exceptionally smooth, and when Flash was on a web page, pinch to zoom worked flawlessly with it, never showing any weaknesses.

    The browser was very smooth scrolling, and, I had to scroll really REALLY fast to get checkboards appearing, just like on the iPad2.

    The screen, even though only 18 bit, was sharp and very vibrant, with good contrast. I didnt get to place the TP next to the iPad2, as they were not near eachother, and connected by security wires to their displays, so I can't give a comparison of the display quality, but, they appear to be equal, as was the Playbook and the Galaxy Tab (the Playbook is quite the device, almost as smoothe as the TP and iPad2, but, with that small screen, its got a smaller load to deal with, so its not apples to apples.

    The sound.. geez... all I can say is you have to hear it for yourself - Beats DOES make a difference.. it stands out as the best sound on any tablet out there that I saw - still not like a real stereo, but so much clearer and you almost don't even need to connect speakers to it to enjoy listening to it. I bet, with a headset, it would be an incredible experience.

    The extra thickness over the iPadx is not really noticable to me.. because they tapered the edges so much - its NOT a brick, by any means.

    What I did NOT like:

    -Losing the typical WebOS gestures (swiping left to right) really bothered me as I navigated around.. when in an app, I really need to swipe left to go to the previous page, and it felt awkward to me to use a "back" button..

    -Swiping up is great, but, for me, it was a bit unresponsive and innaccurate at times, as the gesture sometimes resized a picture or scrolled a web page, instead.

    -The background images; seriously? Is that the best there is? HP, hire some talented graphic artists and put some mindblowing graphics on there to show that screen off!


    I'm so NOT a tablet guy... really - these things for me are mere toys, and fun, but, I have no need for them. I have played with many to see what the big deal is, and, for me, its just not in the cards, but, as far as devices go, there is no question that the top two are the TP and iPad2, with the Playbook a close third (gotta love that WebOS emulation they did there).

    Having said the above, I do wonder just how good the TP will be once the GPU enhancement OTA update arrives.

    Pics below, taken with my Pre+, and then software reduced and optimized.
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    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Oh, and, 2 BB salespeople came over to ask me if I needed any help, but no HP personnel were there, and some people were looking at the TP on the other side of the display, while I was playing!

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Just played with my device and Ipad2 and the concur with your assessment word to word. The audio is awesome
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    I played at BB with a unit that had no Internet access, so I could not look at the App catalog. Annoyingly, the stand with security system was set so that the TP could only perch in portrait mode, but the angle was such that it kept switching to landscape. No wonder no one else was looking at them.

    An HP person did approach me, but when I started to talk about the TP he said, "I'm really a printer guy."
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    awesome demo at banning, ca locaton

    no problems w lag...had many apps open

    wasnt seeing angry birds or glider or racing game on demo unit....hp shoulda included those....

    how do you install apps on demo catalog wouldnt open
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    There is no app catalog access on the demo units. App cat access requires a profile log in (that is what I was told by an HP exec who was there. I live in SF. Lots of HP folks around)
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    I'm at a BB in a suburb just outside of Seattle. Aside from the TP being in not the most prominent location, the sales people are accommodating (more in anticipation of a sale than any personal enthusiasm for the product).

    This device is plugged into a faulty power supply it seems because it keeps popping up an error message about an undervoltage. So I can't say this one is a good test of the device.

    A little lag when typing, but when I yanked the power connection out it seemed to go away.

    Best of all though a Precentral fan was in here as the browser was already at the right place
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    BB I had had 2 live touchpads in a huge endcap = identical to ipad2 on other side. aww wanted to install my apps on the demo = I was able to on the veer demo unit = what gives?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    BB I had had 2 live touchpads in a huge endcap = identical to ipad2 on other side. aww wanted to install my apps on the demo = I was able to on the veer demo unit = what gives?
    I don't think the TP's can have installations unless they are from the App catalog or a vendor site.
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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