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    Picked up our Touchpad at Best Buy today. I thought it was suppose to have Skype video calling on it right out of the Box? Plus I do not see the app in the App Catalog unless I am just missing it.

    We do like it though.
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    add a skype account in the accounts app, and then use thendialer app to call or the txt app to do IM.
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    there is no skype "App" it just is part of the system. what u need to do is
    tap to just type
    type accounts and tap the icon that shows up
    proceed to add the skype account

    once it finishes synergizing, type the name of whoever u want to skype with and u should see a drop down icon next to it. tap on that to use video, voice or just chat

    if u are not familar with webos try using just typse for anything u want to do.
    like instead of going to contacts to look up your contacts, just type it and it will come up. same with any apps your looking for and even indvidual websites~!

    for example, if you come to precentral lot you can add Precentral to you search engines under just type. it will scan the site for you without u opening the site yourself~!

    its pretty cool once you start to see just how great webos can be!
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    Used Skype a few times, but sound quality was terrible coming in at first, then terrible going out to someone else. Anyone have a successful Skype call all the way around yet?
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    I figured out that Skype on the Touchpad is good, a few notes to follow...

    1. Microphone is ultra sensitive and you need not talk loud of move the touchpad close to you.
    2. The Pre- headset makes the experience much better.
    3. Get friends from PreCentral so you can all help eachother in real time. :-P
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    I used it to place a call to a friend on an ipad earlier today. The audio was great (I was using my old pre- headphones) but the video was terrible. Her picture kept getting a lot of noise and lag in it. Hopefully it was just a bad connection and it isn't always like that.
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    I tried a call earlier today and video was fine but had no audio. Anyone experience this?
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    Edit: Nevermind, removing the account and readding it fixed the problem.
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