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    Yes or no? lets see how each store fairs. Shall we?

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    Well, I called my closest Best Buy Friday to ask about availability. They didn't tell me numbers, but they did say they had 16gs in stock, and put one on hold for me, which I am currently nerdgasming over. They had an endcap display, fwiw.

    Today I went into another Best Buy across town, and they said they had both models (again, no numbers), but no accessories. So far, none of the big-boxers I called have the case in stock, which is a bummer, but at least I was able to get a nice little iPad 1 valise to pop it in to minimize scratching.
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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Best Buy had both models in Mansfield, MA, where I bought mine.
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    Best Buy in Memphis (Wolfchase) has both models in stock. Both of the display models are 32 gb.
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    I originally preordered a 16gb on the 19th, but decided to swap to the 32gb after heard about the $50 rebate.

    when I called best buy yesterday, they didn't have any 16gb in stock, which didn't bother me. But they didn't get any shipped to them at all. They did almost sell out of the 32. Its a pretty big store in a pretty big city so I don't know why they didn't.
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    Thanks for the responce, keep it coming!

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    Best Buy in Hurst, TX got 16 of the 16gb versions. They only have one model on display, the 32gb version.
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    BB in NW San Antonio had both in stock, but NONE on display until I forced the issue at about 4PM July 1st--yes, the day sales were supposed to start.

    I didn't see any in the NW San Antonio Costco today. Are those online only or are they supposed to be in stores?
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    both display umits i've played sith are 32gb. The best buy near me has both sizes in stock, as do the next two closest.
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    both units were in stock at the best buy near my house in Novi, Michigan. The touchpad on display was a 32 gb model. They did not have the 16 gb on display.
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    Best Buy in Coralville, Iowa had 16 and 32gb in stock. I think 14 of 32 and 9 of 16 when I purchased. I was 2nd in line. The guy in front of me and I both bought 32gb.
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    No 16gb models at the Richmond, VA Laburnum Best Buy. I was the first to buy a 32gb model yesterday and they only had 4 in stock.
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    I got the LAST 32gb my closest Walmart had. They were out of the 16gb.

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    BB In Williston VT has both models in stock!

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    mine has 17 16gbs in stock and 20 32gb in macedonia, ohio. Not selling well there
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    Best Buy in tempe Az had both. The 16gb was on display. I got there about 9:15 and was the first and only person to snatch one up when the store opened at 10. I was a little surprised because this is the closest best buy to arizona state university, and I would assume a few asu students would be picking one up.

    I got to the computer section and asked for the touchpad and the guy says mean ipad? So I walk over to the display and say no this one.........and tell him it is a new product released today and they prob got a shipment yesterday. Looked on his computer and sure enough they had a bunch.

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