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    This is driving me nuts... it seems that the browser has some weird issues specifically with images that are hosted on amazon or something.

    Try this...

    1) Go to on your Touchpad
    2) Click on the image of the woman in blue/purple (posted on July 2nd) to see the larger image
    3) Notice how the URL is a long one?
    4) Now click-hold the image and choose "Copy to Photos" ...
    5) ... and watch the notification in the top-right say "Image saved to Photos"
    6) Now open the Photos app and look for that image. Nothing!

    This seems to ONLY happen with pictures that are hosted on amazon with the Touchpad. I tried the same thing on my computer and the image saves to my desktop just fine.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    bump 28 views and not a single response?
    Sorry, but I haven't gotten my Touchpad yet to test.

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