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    I called all the Walmarts in RI and not only don't they have the TP but the electronics managers said they never heard of do you run a dept and not keep up with current products that your stores are to manager tried to steer me to an Ipad..i hung up on him

    called best buy and they have alot of them..16g and 32g..but I was told that they have no display and are not willing to open one for me unless I buy it

    Sams club has a nice display set up waiting for there delivery
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    Bummer...same problem here a week before the first, but most everyone in my area of Florida has units for sale and even a demo unit for preview. Our Best Buy in Gainesville as usual screwed up the display, but I was able to check things out and get a feel for what I know own.

    Recommendations, unless you really need it, bypass getting the 32gb, save some money, and use instead the 50gb of free storage offered on I have both and can never see myself using all the storage I have on my unit...never say never, but you know what I mean. Sorli...
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    Did you try out Fall River?

    Walmart/BestBuy/Sams over there too... they MIGHT have it. I checked the Best Buy and Walmart there a few weeks ago, no clue in any store, assumed it may be different now.

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