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    With so many of us running our new Touchpads into the ground trying to find its limits, I was wondering what people actually plan to use it for...practically?

    I'm going to use it as my work "computer" at home. Emailing, document reading, website maintenance (Wordpress app is great), and browsing. If Sprint gets a device that pairs with it - I'll use it as a way to easily respond to messages and phone calls I get almost every evening.
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    I plan to take it to friends houses when I don't wanna bring my laptop and all that and I just want something I can do some light browsing/Facebook/Twitter without burning my phone battery. The laptop seems like something that I'd need to DO stuff with (Photoshop, video editing, etc)

    I'd like to have QuickOffice Full on it so I could have a justifiable reason to use it and write essays, or at least begin writing essays.
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    First priority is "convenience" functions while I am mobile (wifi, plus with freeTether on my phone) such as...
    - personal email
    - calendar (synced with my work via Google Calendar)
    - keeping up on sports, news, and other social media sites (web browsing, USA Today, magazines, message boards)
    - personal task management (currently use the tasks@hand ap)
    - weather
    - games when I can kill a few minutes of time
    - music (such as the TuneIn Radio app and also my mp3s)
    - video/movies (hopefully with an app from HP or Netflix)
    - maps for directions and traffic

    Second priority is "work" functions when I am on wifi but not at my normal office, such as:
    - work email (via remote Microsoft Exchange web UI)
    - calendar (synced with my work via Google Calendar)
    - note taking in meetings (REALLY want a decent note editor, whether that is QuickOffice or something else)
    - travel sites while I travel (TripIt, Flightstats, etc.)
    - document sharing / presentation

    Overall, the Touchpad meets (or will meet very shortly) all of the above needs. Some of the "negative" reviews focus on weight and number of apps, which to me is a non-factor. The Touchpad isn't perfect (yet), but it is a pretty solid device and with just a few additional apps I will be all set.
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    check emails
    watch videos/movies
    surfing the net
    shopping on line
    instant messaging

    basically it is replacing my laptop on my lap.

    so yes.. Compare to a laptop, touchpad is way lighter and no heats and not annoying hard drive fan noise.
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    I plan on using it for wife sanity protection and personal productivity package.

    I will use it when I work remotely. I can perform 95% of my work tasks from it.

    my 4 yr old begs me constantly to use it. this will give the wife a break especially when we travel and the kids can learn from it and play games too.

    overall I think we intend to use it out it was meant to be used, connecting our lives with the outside world via messaging, email, Skype, news, Facebook, shopping.
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    So far, it works great at distracting kids. Especially with Angry Birds.

    For myself, I just plan on making apps for it.
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    Besides the usual media consumption, I use it for AIM (was using my Pre-) and as a journal for my Dragon Age roleplaying character. Can't wait for full QuickOffice since I'm currently using the text editor built into Internalz (yep, Pre emulator). This last one was a spur of the moment thing I did while the other players take their turns. I liked the results so much I'm going to keep up with it.

    I also want to use it to play some old Dos games that are mouse (and therefore) touch friendly through DosBox. Once I or the current dev work out the issues...
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    Remote desktop
    Reading (news, books, rss)
    And reading

    It's great while on the ****ter too.

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    I find myself reading ebooks, work documents, and web content most of each night on the couch in front of the TV while responding to lighter work emails etc.... I think this is going to be a much more convenient way to do those things than using my larger laptop.

    If possible it might replace my laptop of weekend trips etc, where i usually ahve to pack up the full laptop bag.

    AND although I have not written any software code in over 15 years. I was thinkign this new toy might be my chance to get back into it and learn javascript, etc...

    But since the last time I wrote any code it was X-Windows / C Code, i think it may take a while for me to get used to this sort of new fangled alnguage ;-)

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