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    Great rewards? Before I got the pre I always thought palm made terrible products and the pre conformed it. The palm pre and Webos got me interested so I got the phone at launch. Liked it at first and always thought things will get better but after a whole year waiting for a doc editor I had toj give up. If you look at stock Webos that's on the pre it is a mess and full of bugs that never got fixed and now abandoned. The only worth while update the phone got was video recording which should have been there from start.I just didn't get the sense of rewards from the platform but think it failed miserably.
    all i know is when i show people my pre-....they think its some amazing phone when i know its almost 2 years old haha

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    ask the millions of people who all bought ipad1 that same question. you will find the answer. i am so freakin pumped and happy that i bought the touchpad. once you get this, you will never touch your normal webOS phone, all mine does is charge, and send my calls to the big daddy
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