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    I'm dying to purchase a Touchpad but I think I'm going to wait for the 3G version. Is anyone else waiting for the 3G? If so, why? or Why not?
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    I'm not. No reason to have another device that costs extra/month. Cell carriers really should let you use one account for multiple devices, to the extent of your bandwidth cap. (so you'd be paying $30, or whatever) for all of your devices up to your 2gb total cap). But that'd eat into their profits.

    I'll just by the wifi version and tether it to my phone.
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    I am. I am just in a few too many places where Wifi isn't available.
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    It depends on how much AT&T is going to charge for 3G version of the TouchPad. I don't have a problem with another bill, but they traditionally charge an arm and a leg for devices with 3G radio capability.
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    If HP was somehow able to make it contractless like the iPad then I might have waited. But at the same time, I can simply freetether my WiFi model to my Pre 2 at no extra cost
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    Over here in germany, I get a so called "multi-sim" from my provider, which runs under the same contract and data limit than my main one. I can order 3 of these without extra costs. I have already one in my UMTS-ready notebook. Runs excellent, so I don't need to use tethering through my Pre.
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    I'm not waiting for two reasons..

    1) I will use this at the office.. with WiFi.
    2) I will use this at home.. with WiFi.

    I don't have any need to use a tablet device in any location that doesn't have WiFi. If I REALLY need to do so, I'll bust out my wifi hotspot.

    Oh.. and I'm on Sprint.. so I've given up all hope of ever replacing my Pre or getting a 3G/4G version.
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    Nope, using wifi at home and FreeTether away from home.
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    I wonder how difficult it will be to get one without carrier activation? I'd like to have TouchPad with a GPS in it... but there is no way I'm paying for another data plan for something that will always be connected to WiFi. Or tethered through my Pre+.
    Any thoughts or advice?
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    just an inadvertent rumory tip. I was talking to a colleague who said her boyfriend is "the AT&T Palm guy" for the region, and he is given every new Palm phone to test,and that he was excited to be getting "the new tablet" later this month. That makes it sound like AT&T is moving toward a 3G TouchPad soon, as he wouldn't need to test it otherwise.

    for most of us geeks, wi-Fi is fine, as I have my home wi-fi'd and Free Tether, too. But I have to admit the slug in me likes the idea of not having to think about wi-Fi!
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    see my post below....
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    yes an att 3G version is coming out but i would hope it was 4G instead ?!?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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