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    Did anyone order their TP through HP, promised next day shipping? Well my 'next day' shipping should be here on the 5th!! Really it even says one day shipping on all of the confirmations. I know it isn't a huge deal but *** people. The accessories should be here the 7th. Ugh I hate waiting.
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    Next day shipping with HP (I've been ordering ink cartridges from them for years) has always meant 'next business day' unless you pay a hefty sum for Saturday delivery. It's just unfortunate that the launch day happened to be the day before a weekend AND a US holiday.
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    I was very specific about Saturday delivery when I ordered. Sadly, the promised Saturday delivery isn't happening.
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    yeah it wasn't said to be next business just next day boooooo but I will get my touchpad I may try and drive up there and pick it up lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by rksand View Post
    I was very specific about Saturday delivery when I ordered. Sadly, the promised Saturday delivery isn't happening.

    Did you pay extra for the Saturday shipping? If so, I hope that HP takes care of you and gives you the shipping charges back.
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    HP gave me 'free' next 'day' shipping i am sure doesn't cost them anything anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmdunkin View Post
    HP gave me 'free' next 'day' shipping i am sure doesn't cost them anything anyways.
    They were doing anything to get orders, I had two reps emailing and calling for orders, they seemed desperate.

    Sorry, I wanted to have it for the long weekend, so I picked it up from Best Buy and my pre-ordered case from Amazon came first thing this morning. If Amazon can do early saturday delivery, why can't HP? I just don't understand the benefit of pre-ordering from HP if they can't deliver the same time as retail. Unfortunately it seems like this launch didn't go so well.
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    It really should be obvious that it's not a matter of HP "wanting or not wanting".

    It's just that Amazon,with its sheer volume in sales, made a business decision to pay for Saturday deliveries, whereas HP doesn't see the need -no matter how badly we, as consumers, want it.

    FTR, my HP pre-order from 6/20 did not ship til yesterday, at which point I called my HP rep cancelling the order, as I had purchased it from BBY on friday.
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    Right now is the worst time for shipment. The weekend and July 4th are back to back meaning that all shipping is messed up. This ain't HP's fault at all, it's FedEx.
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    its hp's fault. They told me it was confirmed for saturday delivery. They also said I would have mine before the stores.
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    Well, the HP interesting saga continues.
    It 'seems' like I have both a 16GB and 32GB headed my way, first with UPS NBD [5# on Tuesday from Indianapolis now in KY] and second with Fedex 2day[2# on Wednesday from CA now in Indianapolis].
    On Thursday, I called and cancelled the three options, but they also seem to be in transit in the UPS package - all of them. I have done screen captures of every page I can find about the orders and I really can not figure it out. It says the options were cancelled but also shipped. It never cancels the 16GB.

    As it is the weekend, I cannot find out what they charged on my card which should help answer.

    Also, the accessories are all still listed at original price so invoice still is $747.

    I tried to get my UPS held at depot as it is 5 mins. from my home but only the sender can do it and after being shuffled for 20 mins from department to recording to India, I gave up, because SB is not open. So I probably will get it in mid/late pm.

    They should hire a shipping agent, right after they hire a public relations agent.
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