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    Some of us love it. Most of us hate it. What is it? Itís the shiny black plastic touchpad case. Personally itís a big turn off for me. This got me thinking; does it really matter if Iím going to put a case on it anyway? Answer probably not.

    Now, I know there are probably loads of weird and wonderful iPad 1 cases that probably fit just fine. Honestly I havenít looked, but Iím sure collectively we can come up with something special.

    Donít post you designs yet. I think it would be great if PreCentral could run this as a proper contest, for now letís just discuss the idea a bit. We can run it via the forums if PC aren't interested later.

    My thoughts.
    1) Wouldnít it be great if it was sponsored by a manufacturer that could actually build the winning design.
    2) There should be a special Homebrew/Preware/PreCentral branded case. Something our Touchpads could wear with pride.

    So, come on everyone.

    What do you think to the about the idea?
    What would you consider important in a case?

    My priority list goes as follows:-

    1) Cover that nasty shiny plastic
    2) Protect the device from scratches and light bumps
    3) Give me something to grip it with

    Thanks for your time,

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    I will add that it need to let me prop it up at different angles and should also hold the sync cable and possibly the charger and a pen or two (for the stylus) and a microfiber cloth.

    I also want one of those skins, preferably one that has a basketball look & texture.
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    good stuff BMIC.

    I'd like it to be textured too.

    Also forgot to add that Touchstone compatibility is a must.

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