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    Ive been looking everywhere for how to download quick install and cant seem to find it does anyone have any ideas?
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    The latest release of WebOS Quick Install is always stickied in my Canuck Coding subforum. That's been the early days.

    And yes, it does work with the TouchPad, including enterprise devices with passwords
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    IT does work!! I simply took the drivers located at
    C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacom and choose those for the touchpad novacom device and BAM! it worked so hope this helps others!
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    Thanks Jason i got it and works great!!!! I know this will help everyone!!!
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    I keep getting an error when installing Webos quick install on Windows 7. Everytime Java launches it says, " Unable to Launch the Application"

    It works fine on Windows Vista on my laptop, but I don't have it with me at this time. I have access only to Windows 7 Ultimate.
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    The other day I got a kick out of this being the top thread, with a title that's essentially a question for Jason, and one reply... from Jason. I decided to snap a shot and see if I was still getting a kick out of it a couple days later. Well here it is, for posterity.

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