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    I noticed something weird after using the Touchpad for the first few hours of purchasing it. It happened when I went back to using the Pre 2 and realized just how small the Pre 2 screen was. The Touchpad has officially spoiled me. Two years of using the Pre, than the Pre 2 and the Touchpad just felt wonderful.
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    try holding the touchpad to your ear to make a phone call and then tell me how big the thing is!

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    I totally agree. After using the TouchPad my Pre 2 seems so small. And I remember how big it felt after switching from the Pixi+! XD
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    It's all relative I guess. When the Veer first came out, I played around with it in the AT&T store for about 20 mins, then went back to my Pre 2, & it felt like a huge, heavy, brick of a phone. So I would imagine, playing with the huge TouchPad, and going to a Pre 2 would have the opposite effect.

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