I am looking at all the comments about people being unhappy with the performance of the demo units.

WebOS has always had an ability to get corrupted, rarely, but it happens. My first thought was that perhaps the demo units should be doctored on a daily basis, so that they are always clean. It will always have some ability to get corrupted, unless HP locks us out of the operating system or bans the wonderful homebrew that allows the system level manipulation.

However - Jason R used to have a wonderful utility for checking for corruption of webOS files -webOS Repair Utility. I used to use it regularly and found it very useful. (Jason - I would still like to have it avaialble for the Pre2, although the Pre2 is so much better I have not felt the need for it, but I did wreck something once, and wish I could have repaired it rather than doctored it.)

I was really impressed that the webOSdoctor is our for the TP, but why not also issue a version of webOS Repair Utility to 'check' that the system is not corrupted. Obviously Jason should be compensated fully by HP for his work.

Even if it does nothing, I think having a utility that visually checks that everything is fine would be a great comfort to many, and should be something that every repair depot has.