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    Hey guys,

    I want to know what your recommendations are for getting the longest battery life out of my touchpad or for anyone who wants to get the best battery life. I know for some older devices you should discharge the battery after you charge it to 100% when you first get the device. Is this still the common practice?

    Please post your comments, answers, and questions.

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    I'm going to discharge it. Today I used it minimal and turned the screen brightness all the way up and im around 40-45% range. Without the full brightness it just dont look as appealing to me. For my usage I think it should last a day easy. I expect the battery to get better with a few charge/discharges.
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    Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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    So far battery has been fairly impressive. I spent about an hour just reading some Google Reader stuff and where my Pre- would probably have lost about 20% doing that - the TouchPad only lost 2%. Very reasonable. I think I might actually be able to get through the way without having to recharge it.
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    This is really great news! Remember the Pre- launch day when we all bought our Pre's and played with them at home for 3 hours then they died... Ya, this 6-8 hours that we all are getting out of our TouchPads should be equivalent to the 3 hours because they are the same type battery. Just imagine the battery after a week of breaking it in I think I can ferminly say the TouchPad as great battery life. I would love to hear more wordz on the battery life too
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    So far, the Touchpad's battery has been very impressive. I have been using it all day and I am at 50%. It does take awhile to charge though. Took about 4 hours to fully charge, but last about 8-10. Very impressed with the battery life so far.
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    new battery technology does not require full discharge to initiate the battery.
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    I've been doing some tests with the two TouchPads I have.

    Even after adding Preware with Uber-kernel @ 1.5GHz the battery life is good--running a 720p video to push the processor it uses about 14%/hour--default kernel was about 13%/hour. The difference could be statistical error. And the performance is significant with the OC kernel.

    What I have noticed is, turning off as much logging as possible helps everything--performance and battery life.
    Goto app launcher => settings => device info => left corner settings => diagnostics => left corner settings => collect logs

    I've also noticed that some patches in preware cause more battery drain. I'm not certain about it exactly--don't have a proper battery monitoring app that shows battery usage per app. Nonetheless, looks like the increase volume patch adds a little extra drain and possible the GNU Patch & Lsdiff.

    Just what I've found thus far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    new battery technology does not require full discharge to initiate the battery.
    this is what I've read also. It actually is more harmful to fully discharge lithium ion batteries.

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