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    Love my touchpad so far. Love it!

    BUT, I quickly noticed an imperfection that's bothering me a lot. On my Touchpad (32 gb version), the glass is not flush with the plastic on the bottom near the button. It's creating a sharp edge and just a little bit of pressure seems to make it worse.

    Do I have a defective unit? It's not a big deal if it doesn't get worse, but now I'm worried that I should exchange it, or buy the extended warranty at Best Buy in case it does. What do you think?

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    The 32gb unit I picked up has the same issue. Will certainly keep an eye on it. Other than that the build quality seems decent.
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    My 32 GB unit doesn't seem to have that issue. Nice and flush all the way around the glass.
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    It's the same on mine... there is the smallest of a lip at the glass, but I'm not worried at all.
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    It's a feature. Its meant to measure the thickness of the $50 bill HP is gonna send you for getting a 32GB touchpad *wink*
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    Same issue, same place on my 32.
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    same issue bottom and top and did not notice until it was posted.
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    I exchanged my first unit for a few reasons. The new unit has a slight seperation on the left side. So it is not near the button this time. I can squeeze it flush but eventually it comes back. Would have liked getting a perfect unit but not sure if that is possible. Other than that I am enjoying my Touchpad.
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    Uh oh. Is this the TouchPad's Oreo effect?
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    hey people I found a forum where the ipad 2 is having the exact same problem near the button on the botton of the device:

    is your iPad glass separating? Possible fix inside! - MacRumors Forums

    and the ipad 1 as well

    and as you can see people are ****ed too, so yeah even apple has a issue like the one HP has like every product people make there will be defects.
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    I just hope it wont get worse over time. This is the only problem I've had with my touchpad so far otherwise it's perfect.
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    same thing on my 32gb, makes me sad.
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    same on my 32gb tp. Except mines starts from the top left corner. And its pretty separated. I just push down on it with a cloth. But I'm really scared of dropping it and the screen just popping off.....
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    Seems to be a common problem, I'd bet many have this issue and don't even notice. I'm still waiting for 2 more touchpads to arrive from HP so I'm hoping they aren't the same.
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    thanks for pointing it out :'(
    I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it
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    hrm cant say I have noticed it with the family one. I have yet to open my own since waiting on the case to arrive case hoping it doesn't have this problem.

    As long as its not majorly noticeable and or causing cuts/bleeding I'm ok with it
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    I can't speak for anyone else but for me its barely noticeable. I'm just being careful with it until my case ships from amazon.
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    None of our TouchPads have this issue, seems to be an isolated issue.
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    mine has this issue as well.... Hope its no big deal
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    My White 64GB has this. Not the biggest deal, but still.
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