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    Both my 32GB have this issue.
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    Did not notice it on the first 32GB unit I had but the 2nd 32GB TP is clearly raised at the bottom where the button is. Causes the button to be slightly recessed. Minor but noticeable.
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    Damn it I didn't notice it until this post!!! Ignorance is bliss.
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    Mine is lifted in several places all around the screen. Sending it in to HP to get it fixed tomorrow. Hopefully that will resolve the issue!
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    mine has the same problem along with the glass being able to be pressed down on the left side. 32g
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    Will HP fix this for you? I'm thinking if it's not gonna mess with function I'd rather just keep it. With the supply of Touchpads being what it is, I'm afraid they'll just refund your money if they cant really fix this.
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    My 32GB also has this problem, the glass is only slightly raised near the camera but near the button it's high enough that I can pull at the rubber seal that surrounds the screen. I found it annoying enough to ask for an exchange (not repair) from HP, and basically they told me 6-8 week wait time for a replacement, or I could return for a full refund.
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    I'm thinking 90% of the TPs probably have varying degrees of this issue. The only reason people aren't noticing it is because they aren't looking for it.
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    The glass on the bottom edge of my TP is raised pretty bad. HP requested I email them a picture as proof. We'll see what they say. Spent about 5 minutes trying to explain that the screen was lifting up and not infact scratched as they seemed to keep suggesting.

    I had it 2 days, and it's been sitting at the store I bought it for the past 4 days after unsuccessfully managing to get a replacement ordered. I hope that HP realise that this is an issue, and seek to address it in the last batch they produce. Stronger glue anyone? *grin*.

    Trying not to be pretty annoyed about it. Can't do much until I get a reply from HP about a repair. I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope I don't get hit with a repair charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Link2999 View Post
    I'm thinking 90% of the TPs probably have varying degrees of this issue. The only reason people aren't noticing it is because they aren't looking for it.
    mine is perfectly flat. no raised glass
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    Update on my issue..

    Ok so Wednesday afternoon I call the butler service and am told to email pictures of the problem to them which I do promptly. Thursday morning I get an email confirming they receieved it and that they would get back to me when they had an update. Friday afternoon now and nothing.

    I tried contacting through the web chat. Despite my case apparently being escalated, the advisor said I most likely would not hear back today and that it would probably be some time next week.

    "This means that the team is already working on it, and you will receive an answer but these aren't quick procedures"

    When I told her that other people hadn't seemed to have this delay or problem with getting a manufacturing defect returned for repair, I was told "Sure, but not as complicated as yours, Madame."

    Surely the problem is the same.. Glass is lifting up from the body of the case. The rest of the touchpad is working fine. Is mine really a "special case" or am I getting the run around? If so, what should my next step be? I include pictures to show the extent of the problem.

    I was really excited about the touchpad, and if this all gets sorted out, I'm sure I will love it as much as the next person here.

    edit: Additional update.. After an hour in webchat, for the second time today I have my service repair order created and a UPS box being sent to me. I was unable to get an advanced unit replacement. The advisor said that this was not included in the Touchpad's limited warranty. I wonder why some get this and others don't? I have to wait 7-10 calendar days once they get it back. Still, better than being fobbed off like the past few days I suppose.
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    Damn I just realized that mine has the issue in a bunch of places. I hope it doesn't get worse.
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    Mine 32g and 16g don't have this issue but my 32g does suffer from the cracked housing near one speaker.
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    My 32gb has this in multiple places, but the worst is just to the left of the home button (I don't care what HP calls it, it's a home button). I just got disconnected from HP chat support, right after the guy told me that I would have to pay to ship the defective TouchPad to them. I didn't get a chance to complain. So I'll be calling them instead and see what they can do. That's BS that they expect you to pay to ship a product with a manufacturer defect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shafnitz View Post
    So I'll be calling them instead
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    So I just got off the phone with support. They didn't even offer me the same options as the chat CS rep did. They're shipping me a pre-paid box to send my TouchPad in for repairs. So the moral is: Call, don't chat if you don't want to pay for your own shipping.
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    I was going to 'me to'.. but seeing the 2 pictures above, mine is nothing like that. A little creaky on the left side, but nothing significant.
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    I'll have to post a pic of mine. It's so bad, you can fit your fingernail behind the glass.
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    My wife's 32GB has this issue on the left side. It doesn't bother me other than I'm worried it could allow dust or something to get under the screen glass down the road. I'm not sure if this could cause that or not. I called HP about 2 weeks ago and they sent me a UPS box to ship it in for repair. I've had the box for a while but I'm still deciding if it's worth sending back (I had 30 days from the receipt of the box).
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    Well I personally think by the time it does become an issue we'll all be on to the next big thing!
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