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    1: Just curious, anyone go somewhere that they were sold out of the TP already?

    2: If you are just using it wireless, how do you get updates? I take it, it is similar to windows that updates automatically when you log into the web.

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    my best buy said they only had 2 left.
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    and yes to the update question. It'll automatically look for an update when connected to the internet.
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    If you just don't have home internet access, you can always go to a place that has free public wifi.

    Although @ SB tonight, we had to look for the hidden checkbox to approve ATT's policy and connect. Had to find it cause the page was jumbled. Not sure why that is... Page shows fine on my Pre.

    Oh, & when I was at BB (today near my work), they had 6 in stock, but they all in the back still and it took 30min for them to find me 1.

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