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    Taking off from my forth airport in six days. My touchpad has gone the whole way with me.
    Samsung i500 -> Palm Treo 90 -> 300 -> 600p -> 700p -> Pre Minus -> FrankenPre 2 on Sprint & WiFi TouchPad
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    Regardless of all the issues I am having just like everyone else, for me it hasn't really lessened my enjoyment or excitement about my Touchpad in the slightest. Even with the occasional lag, screen lock-ups (easily fixed by quick lock then unlock, btw) few random restarts and other things everyone has complained about, I have yet to set it down. It's flawed yes, but just like my launch day Pre that I still used until I got my Veer last week, the Pros far outweigh the cons, and I love it!
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    Glad to see that HP is reading the posts.

    The main thing that is keeping me from buying TouchPad or any tablet right now is lack of an SD card slot. I really want to be able to load up photos from my camera when I'm on vacation without lugging around a laptop. A compromise solution would be the ability to connect the camera or an SD reader by USB. (This would also be a nice thing to have for the Pre.)

    I'd like to see a tasks application that will backup to my WebOS profile, but as long as that exists on my Pre I can live without it on TouchPad.

    Other manufacturers are getting creative in the area between tablet and netbook, so I hope to see something similar running WebOS. I picture something like a giant-sized Pre - a tablet with a slide-out keyboard. (And an SD slot
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    I'm not really sure if this would be considered an app, but I watch a lot of online lectures for school. The lectures are usually on Mediasite and I think it uses Microsoft Silverlight.

    If there was a way to make that functional on the Touchpad, that would be amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cito View Post
    Hey natalie
    First off I luv the touchpad,2nd whats up with the camera app,and do you know how soon an update will be rolling out to fix some of the lag.why are some of the apps so pricey for touchpad like need for speed(9.99) on ipad its .99 cents just wondering is that a developer thing or Hp.I just hope more quality apps make there way to webos cause there is a great supporting webos fan base here....And last but not least I havent been able to put my touchpad down,was anybody here able to transfer a movie cause mines is not playing
    Hi, cito, thanks for the comment. We think tablets are a great platform for video chat and we designed the camera on the front to support that function. We will be coming out with an update in a timely manner. We are also working with developers to develop a wide range of apps, although we don't interfere with the developer's ability to set prices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cccaldwell View Post
    I'd like to see word processing and powerpoint capabilities...there is the ability to go onto google docs to create these...but the capabilities are limited and graphics for themes and whatnot seem very dated. If you could make an app for word processing and powerpoint that could be close to or similar to Microsoft's, or make a site that would best google docs that would be amazing! I'd sell my computer and switch permanently to the touchpad and the generations of touchpads to come if this capability was available.

    Also, for gaming, I think that all tablets need to focus on some games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger...basically the turn based games. Reaction time for most people on a tablet is pretty slow, and those games that we suffer with picking up because of "phantom buttons" or relying solely on the gyroscope become frustrating too fast to keep playing and therefore are dissatisfied with the game. I think most people would enjoy playing turn based games on tablets.

    P.S. ~ Any chance that a Pre+ will be able to do touch to share if it has the touchstone backing?
    Thanks for the feedback, cccaldwell, will keep you posted on the processing and gaming updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamcgrath View Post
    Hi Natalie

    I am curious, just how are the employees at HP/palm division taking the reviews regarding the Touchpad. This is a product that your company produced that has received some negative press. Do you feel the reviews are accurate and how will the company respond? I hope that HP has a finger on the pulse of the buyers/community and is fixing the problems ASAP. Whether HP likes it or not, the TP will be compared to the gold standard of today, the iPad. The TP has to be better than the current champ. People want QUALITY. Please keep the information coming, thats the only way we know HP is listening.

    Thank You,

    Carl in Minneapolis
    Hi Carl, thanks for the question. Everyone at HP is listening closely to the feedback so we can incorporate as much of it as possible into our future updates and models. We have the utmost respect for the iPad as a great product with a good interface, but are excited about the awesome capabilities that webOS can bring to a tablet. Thanks for your support and please keep the feedback coming!
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    Its here! I hit standard instead of overnight, so I had to wait. Have played with it for 4 hours. Set up easy, only freeze up was first time using facebook app. Using BT keyboard to type this, Pre 2 connected easily. Haven't figured out if I can get Palm calendar info to sync between Pre 2 and TP yet, otherwise seriously diggin the new toy!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Holy smokes, you are expecting them to write drivers to support external hardware just for more secure sign-in?

    A nice wish, but highly unlikely.
    i'm certainly not expecting HP to do it, but if HP & citrix want their customers to be covered, then this feature would be great. It was a feature of the earlier versions of the citrix web client, you know...
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    Natalie, I think it's awesome that there's an HP presence on this site. That really adds to my faith that HP is going to be active in growing webOS.

    My biggest concern, right now, and the only thing holding me back from jumping in with both feet is the question of when Quick Office is going to have editing. Obviously, if you could announce a definite date, it would have been published, already. Is there a range to "soon", though? Yet in July? 3Q 2011? Sometime in 2011? Who knows, we'll have to ride the developers with spurs?

    I love webOS. I really, really want to support the platform. Unfortunately, Palm had a lot of empty promises (no doubt finance related) that make things like the Quick Office editing issue a lot more egg on HP's face than it would otherwise be.

    Thanks for your time. Hopefully, any negativity you find is just people like me who want to throw cash at you, but need a little reassurance that this is going to be done right. Every other computer in my house is an HP, so it'd be cool if the tablet and phone matched.
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    Natalie, allow me to be the voice for all the MDs here, where is HP headed regarding Medical apps? Palm was the thing for us and most of my peers are with iOS and their wares. I really want to see an HP pressence here. Charge capture is HUGE! Billing is what make us! Please take notice.
    iOS has about 4 if not more apps for it.
    Once upon a time, ALL MDs were on PalmOS.
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    I got mine yesterday (should've been two days ago, but I missed the delivery), and that's in Canada, too. So far, it's exactly what I've been expecting: a great platform, lots of potential, but of course with version 1 software (missing functionality, apps, etc.). The UI becoming unresponsive is something I've come to expect having gone through the Pre and Pre 2, but I'm still hopeful that that will be resolved at some point in time.

    Right now, the only problem I'm seeing is that the TouchPad won't pair (Bluetooth) with my Pre 2, but I'm in contact with HP to determine the cause. I dearly hope it's not a hardware issue.

    Still, bottom line is I'm lovin' it!
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    I have read so many bad view that I had to see for my self. I even thought about getting an iPad2. I went into Bestbuy to see for my self what everyone is talking about. As for the lag, I have noticed this on my Pre Plus & Pre 2. You just get use to it. It is not so bad that you can not use the TouchPad. People want everything to happen NOW! I see this in my work (retail). I think in a years time that HP has done a lot. This webOS 3.0 will get much better with future updates.

    As for the TouchPad, I personally like what I saw. The size is a little thicker, but not much to sweat about. The demo worked like a charm. Display looks great and it to me opened up any app I touched faster than my Pre 2.

    I have even heard of fingerprint issues. And or Duh! Research shows that consumers like shiny.

    Rear Camera: lets be real, how many people will take pictures with their tablet? Taking pictures of documents? What type of quality are you going to get? I would rather use my phone or even better my DSLR. The only reason for me to have a rear camera is to Skype & shoe the other person what I am seeing.

    I have an iTouch with lots of apps. Yes it is nice to have any banking app at ny fingertips or anything that floats your boat. However, multi-tasking is what keeps me with webOS. There is more to the tablets than apps. HP is on the right track and they know & have said it is an uphill battle. A battle that can be won.

    I ordered a TouchPad this evening. It is good to hear you all are happy with your TouchPads. For me, the Pre 2 was the start of many good things to come from HP & webOS.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
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    I got my TouchPad yesterday... and I do really like it. I'm not as big on Apps so I don't really care if it has a million or not.

    Anyway, I agree with this article about there being a difference between what actual users are saying and what the media is saying.
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    i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but was wary of creating my own thread for it. since i love my touchpad, i figured this was the place

    I've had the touchpad now for a few days and thought I'd share my impressions with you. I'll list the cons first, since that's probably what most people are interested in :-)


    A little unresponsive, but perfectly acceptable. I'm rarely waiting for it, but it isn't as snappy as the ipad appears to be. In short, it could use a bit of optimisation, but it's still nice! Nothing an update won't fix, the CPU is certainly beefy enough, it just needs some optimisations. Sometimes it becomes apparent after-the-fact that it was doing things in the background (because an email or twitter update comes through and then it speeds up), in which case there's probably not a lot HP can do about it- the price we pay for multi-tasking I guess! Maybe this code will be helpful:

    doMultitasking() {
    if (busyWithBackgroundTask) {

    The UI (launcher menu, dialogs, basic built-in widgets, etc) do feel a little "underdone" in terms of visual design. My impression is that WebOS 3.0 is missing Mattias Duartè. Nothing an update won't fix. This might seem harsh, but it looks a bit like a vanilla Ubuntu gnome UI in places. Needs some love. Not offensive though.

    I dont like the physical home button, it requires some pressing, whereas the palm pre plus capacitive strip could just be gently brushed. When using the TP on the stand I almost push it backwards with the force of the press! Not a big deal though. Update: after a few more days I'm used to it. It's fine.

    A little buggy here and there, but not a deal-breaker at this point, certainly nothing an update wouldn't fix. For example, if I launch the memo app but swipe across to a different card before it has finished launching, and therefore it has maximised, it won't let me start a new memo or view an existing one. Tapping these things would just do nothing. SUPREMELY irritating, and it took me a while to figure out what caused it. The memo app also has the odd graphical bug where some pixels are left over from an earlier paint, or the is a dead, non-blinking cursor left behind somewhere and then, and sometime when you tap somewhere to move the cursor it won't visually move the cursor but if you start typing it *has* actually moved it. No big deal, just polish that will come with an update, hopefully. The last line of the memo edit field often has its below-the-line-hanging letters chopped off. Relaunching the app sometimes fixes some of these.

    Combining Synergy contacts has an annoying (albeit intermittent) bug: after you link a contact with another, the list of contact on the left disappears. You have to tap on "Favourites" and back to "All" and they come back. The contacts list often disappears, flashes on and off again and then returns.

    The fact that the browser doesn't lock the axis of scroll is annoying.

    Browser windows launched from twitter (Carbon) don't stack after the first one, they'll launch in their own new stack.

    "Legacy" apps that run in an emulator card force the device into portrait mode when you switch to them. Not sure what else they could've done, I suppose.

    Skype quality can be abysmal. On my first test though it was great, but I called someone in the same room connected to the same wifi router.

    Screenshots of apps in the app catalog are small and cant be zoomed. Very annoying. I might buy more apps if I could see screenshots! Likely to annoy developers, therefore.

    App Catalog videos don't work. They appear among the screenshots but when you tap on them it opens a browser card that doesnt go anywhere.

    Moving the cursor about in a text field is quite frustrating. In the memo app at least. Often I want to put the cursor at the end of a line that I've already typed and tapping past the end of the line doesn't seem to register, you need to get it almost pixel-perfect *just* at the end of the line where the skim cursor would go. This is an issue with the Pre also though. I haven't had much trouble except at the end of lines though. Update: this is not a issue in the email app, just memos, so it may not be something we see in any other app, ie. it may not be an issue with the text editing widget itself.

    This one might be hard to explain...if you're using an app that has a scrolling list and you want to delete an item off it by swiping across, if the scrolling list doesn't take up the full width of the screen (e.g. deleting a word from the custom dictionary) you have to swipe it across all the way to the edge of the screen (a long way in this case). You should only have to slide it outside its bounding box/widget thing. May not sound like much, but at first I thought you couldn't delete words at all, I'd tried it that many times.

    Yes it's a glossy fingerprint magnet. I'll just have to deal with that. The cloth that comes with it works well to clean it.

    A minor stylistic gripe: gone are the rounded corners of apps when theyre maximised. I liked it the way it was- it was uniquely WebOS, it gave it a differentiating character of its own. Like I said though, it's a minor point.

    As we all know, there aren't a lot of apps at the moment. Personally I'm not that bothered. All I need is good email (check), a good twitter client (no check- would love Carbon for Touchpad, but until then the pre version works on the touchpad), a good notes app (not check, would love to see "Notes" for TP), good browser (check), maps (check), music player (check), and Spotify (sadly, not check). I know I'm a minority here, but beyond this I really don't care. But it's a "con" because I know I'm alone in this.

    My app wishlist:
    - spotify
    - carbon
    - the guardian and al-jazeera for news (no biggie, websites work well)
    - HSBC banking app
    - notes
    - todo list
    - document editing


    This thing is fricking awesome.

    It's WebOS, as we know and love it, but on a tablet. Enough said. The ease with which I can jump between an IM conversation, web browser, typing this memo, check an email, listen to music, receive twitter updates, have a Skype call, etc. is just astounding. WebOS is fricking amazing. How to people get by with anything else? I'm very happy. Whilst the list of cons looks bigger than the list of pros, don't look at it that way: this item right here, this paragraph, is the single most important thing about this device you need to take away from this review.

    Email app interface is awesome. Just needs threaded mail a la gmail.

    Facebook app is beautifully designed. But I hate Facebook so i'll never use it.

    Some people (mainly reviewers) complain that it's thicker and heavier than the galaxy tab 10 & the ipad2. Shut up. Who cares? They speak as though thinner and lighter means it's objectively better. It's not. I like it. My Pre Plus is a bit fat and rounded but that's a style that I like. If it's too heavy then you're too weak.

    I've read complaints about the screen. No issue for me, I like it. But then I know nothing about screen technologies and I haven't compared it to the ipad or iphone or whatever other device might supposedly have a better screen.

    The maps app is loads better than the Pre. Not because it's Bing but just because it is more full-featured. Bird's-eye view is nice. thank you for the 50GB!!! The app is excellent, too. Very well designed. I have some issues with the ease of uploading stuff to from my Ubuntu laptop, but that's not related to this discussion.

    The battery lasts ages. Many are saying otherwise but I'm used to an overclocked Pre Plus, which doesn't last a day. This lasts me a couple of days. Don't know how long the iPad lasts, but this is more than enough for me.

    It's nice to have flash in the browser. I don't care that flash games and what-not aren't ideal, I just like to be able to watch a video embedded in a news story (or precentral/engadget article).

    Great that HP are participating in the forums. I hope you don't get too inundated with requests, Natalie


    This is just an over-the-air update or two away from being absolutely, unequivocally awesome. When this thing is buttery-smooth and the glitches are ironed out it will impress many people. Right now, with reviewers and the non-WebOS-using public seemingly out for the blood of non-iOS devices and platforms, there's enough that's not-quite-perfect about it that these people have enough fodder with which to diss the tablet that it will be difficult for it to catch on and gather real public momentum. Get that over-the-air update out quickly and send another review unit to Engadget, HP! But it must be good. Frustrating as it may be, people dont seem to remember that the iPad isn't perfect, either, and that Android Honeycomb is a confused and confusing UI experience.

    In the meantime, anyone who already knows and loves WebOS will put up with these minor (and very much fixable) issues and, like me, love their HP Touchpad.

    Sorry to bash the memo app so much, but I used it to type this.
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! All these good reviews!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS IT THE 15TH YET??????????????????????GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE!!!!!!
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2¢ about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    It's only 5 more days, a mere lifetime, lol. BTW, i've been using my TouchPad now for 6 days and what an amazing device, I just love webOS on a tablet screen, it's what it was meant for IMO.
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    I'm writing this from my launch day Sprint Pre- and I have a launch day TP at home.

    I love both devices. Just call me launch day WebOS ****** #1.
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    ****** (f a n b o y) gets edited out? Good grief. That's a bit big-brotherish don't you think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    It's only 5 more days, a mere lifetime, lol. BTW, i've been using my TouchPad now for 6 days and what an amazing device, I just love webOS on a tablet screen, it's what it was meant for IMO.
    I wish I could go to sleep & wake up Friday morning....this is WORSE than Christmas!
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