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    One other note: Why does webOS not support WMA streaming? There are literally hundreds on online radio stations that we can't listen to. When I first got my Sprint Pre on launch day I thought it was odd that I couldn't listen to my favorite station online but I figured we would have support soon. It's been over 2 YEARS now. What's the hold up?
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    Great to see that HP is actively listening to the early adopters.

    This is the second time at the rodeo for many of us, as we were on board the Palm Pre launch in the early days - here's hoping that the HP/Palm combo brings a lot more scale to things this time around.

    The biggest need for my 32Gb Touchpad would have to be DLNA. is great and everything but it's a necessity to have access to all of my media servers (my lovely HP Windows Home Server, my XBox 360, my DirecTV box, etc.). A simple media streming app that connects via DLNA would make it all work the way it should.
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    Hi Natalie

    It's great that you are getting in touch with a forum like PreCentral - there are so many knowledgeable and terrific gals and guys here. It has been an invaluable resource to me and I'm sure most everyone else.

    Going back a few months, I was elated to hear there was to be an Enterprise-Centric focus for the TouchPad.

    While I am glad that the Citrix Receiver is happening, I really (REALLY!) hope there will be an RDP client coming out soon. As you can tell from the quality of posts on PreCentral, there are many "techies" represented. One way or another, this means that a lot of folk (whether as part of their job description or through pure entropy) end up supporting something (Apps, Servers) or someone (co-worker, boss, spouse...). As such, a native Remote Desktop tool is ASSUMED to be in place.

    We run a small software company (just signed up with HP, actually), and along with doing the books, establishing go-to market strategies, etc, I help out with maintaining our servers. I am ready to by a TouchPad right now, but without a seamless, HP-sanctioned RDP-type client (and DOCX/XLSX update ability), I won't do it.

    Any feedback/roadmap info you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much

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    Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for joining in on the thread. I've been holding on ordering the Touchpad, because I think I would use it mostly as a media consumption device. As part of that, I would like to be able to have HDMI out for easy watching of content on my television as well as on the go.

    I'm sure that I'd quickly find that the lack of expandable storage would be my next barrier to bring my entertainment everywhere.

    Finally apps (or general web-browser accesses) to content from Netflix, Hulu, Slingbox, would be really exciting.

    In general, I'm not as focused on apps as much as the media and others. I think that over time the functionality will move inside web browsers, just like how web mail (Gmail, Yahoo mail, even Hotmail) have become what people use on their computers (as opposed to Thunderbird for example).

    I'd rather see HP focus on making sure that the Touchpad can accomplish all the tasks that competitors can faster and easier.
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    Hi Natalie,

    We have a few iPad's at work, and I think use them in a pretty typical fashion -- presentations, viewing video clips, photos, etc., and if I had to name one application that would allow us to introduce TouchPad's it would be a "Keynote remote".

    Many of the executives prepare presentations using Keynote, which are subsequently shown from a Mac laptop connected to a video projector. During the presentation the speaker uses a "Keynote remote" app on the iPad -- this allows them to advance the slides, read their notes, etc. Details on the application can be found here: Keynote Remote for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    As for other applications that would be worth considering...

    I would suggest that some real "killer apps" would be those that provide compatibility with the standard office suites (iLife, OpenOffice, MS Office), and a broader range of video codecs for playback. I tend to think that tablets are an extension of the desktop, and what I am using on the desktop should have some lightweight companion on the tablet -- I can see this having increased relevance if WebOS really integrates with the desktop via cloud storage.

    From a more "geek oriented" perspective, broader VPN support would be nice (PPTP, and maybe a client for Fortigate products), and as others have mentioned an RDP and VNC client -- these components, in particular, would make the TouchPad somewhat more viable as a systems administration tool.

    One last thing that might be worth considering: client applications for DigiDelivery and Aspera servers -- I can see this being a pretty big deal for production/multimedia companies (and is something we would certainly use at work).
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    I like the Touchpad so far but there are some serious bugs and omissions.

    Sometimes I will try to check a web page opening up from a link in a new card and nothing will display, just a big grey card... Or I will try to click on a notification for an email and the email app won't open. As for QuickOffice, the rendering of Doc files isn't that accurate, never mind the fact that they can't be edited.

    Also, I couldn't find a way to delete an album in the Pictures app. So now I have an empty album in the list and it drives me nuts : I know I can create an album but apparently there's no way to remove it...

    As for apps, I was disappointed to see that Gameloft and EA have such a poor showing (did Gameloft even bother with Touchpad apps ? I'm not even sure anymore). However I did buy a few apps, most notably the $10 (ouch!) Need for speed Hot pursuit (excellent game by the way), and the Gemini file manager. Of course I also installed a bunch of free ones like Facebook, Tapnote,, etc...

    I am a previous owner of the original Palm Pre and seriously hope that full GPU acceleration is really coming and soon. That was always promised and NEVER delivered. I'm actually extremely disappointed that it is still not implemented.

    As for 3rd party developers like the people making Docs-to-go and Slingbox who were supposedly launch partners of the original Palm Pre, they can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. You don't backstab and lie to your customers this way, at least not customers like me, because you will never, ever, see a penny from me, on ANY platform (I have Android devices by the truckload and I'll never buy any of your products as you have no principles).
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    I just received the whole ball of wax this morning. First, the Touchpad arrived around 10:00am, Touchstone and keyboard arrived at noon. Thus far, my only complaint is fingerprints. Yep, that's it - fingerprints.

    There are a few oddities, that I need to deal with, but that's part of the fun - working around the limitations of the device (ALL devices have them), so onward and upward!
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    Hi Natalie

    I am curious, just how are the employees at HP/palm division taking the reviews regarding the Touchpad. This is a product that your company produced that has received some negative press. Do you feel the reviews are accurate and how will the company respond? I hope that HP has a finger on the pulse of the buyers/community and is fixing the problems ASAP. Whether HP likes it or not, the TP will be compared to the gold standard of today, the iPad. The TP has to be better than the current champ. People want QUALITY. Please keep the information coming, thats the only way we know HP is listening.

    Thank You,

    Carl in Minneapolis
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    Quote Originally Posted by NatalieatHP View Post
    Hi DanLipson, I work for HP and wanted to thank you for the comment! I just wanted to see what some of the software items you are looking forward to are and also get an idea of what kind of apps you have downloaded. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
    Hi Natalie, first off its great to see company interaction with its users. You don't get this anywhere else.

    Secondly, I don't own a activated webOS device anymore. This is due to the lack of Sprint products available. I made the switch after 2 years with a Palm Pre webOS device recently to Android (for now). I miss webOS. Without beating the bush, I am in a corner without webOS. I had a Palm Pre from launch on Sprint. But in regards to the TouchPad, I haven't purchased one myself. I'm waiting to see what the OS updates bring to the table in-terms of optimization. The TouchPad itself is a top notch product with much room to grow.

    On your comments on what apps to purchase/download; This device NEEDS Teamviewer/Logmein support. No questions ask. Remote Client applications other then BUSINESS (citrix) apps need to be on these tablets to fuel the techy love for a device like webOS. We are your bread and butter when it comes to recommending webOS to people. You make it useful for us, it becomes useful to the people who don't know any better. So the lack of Teamviewer/Logmein support is a big downside for my future purchase. If Teamviewer was available on the TouchPad today. I would have bought one yesterday.
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    Finally, I received my TouchPad this AM and I am loving it! Setup was surpisingly easy, music transfered over without much hassle, email, apps and messenger accounts up and running fine. Not seeing the freeze-ups and large lags that the reviewers at the tech sites have reported. Size and weight of my TouchPad is fine and fingerprints are not an issue because it is in the HP case (love it BTW) and looks very attractive sitting there on the TS charger.

    My TouchPad charges fine on the TS in both landscape and portrait modes with the case on/off.
    Listening to music right now with my Platronics BackbBeat 903 headset via Bluetooth and it sounds awesome and with plenty of volume too.

    Hats off to HP, wonderful device!
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    hey natalie from HP who may also be an imposter,can HP tell us about making it right for user outside the US ($50 for US only).
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    Hi Natalie.
    I'm a Russian, very loyal to HP and (previously) Palm.
    I know, that LITMO students are going to study webOS programming, does that mean, that we can expect webOS devices in our country?
    I must mention, that HP is loved in our country and I regularly see people with HP notebooks. But no people with HP smartphones.
    Actually, the problem is that webOS is almost absolutely unknown in Russia, even on smartphone-related forums!
    Many people buy iphones because they "just work", and if HP manages to make an image of absolutely reliable, both media- and business-orientated smartphones/tablets (and, of course, at right pricing), it can "shoot".
    By the way, it would be really great to get official (or semi-official) answer, if HP is going to expand webOS products to Russia and other countries and in what time. Thank you in before.
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    Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all of your responses! This is a tremendous community and we’re very appreciative of the feedback you have provided. I will take your comments and share with our team. I will also try to get answers for those of you who had specific questions. In the meantime, here are a couple of links you can check out to get continued updates on the TouchPad and webOS. Take care everyone and talk soon!

    Official WebOS Site
    Developer Information
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    it is great to see that HP is proactively reaching out to the community like this. I am not even going to pay attention to the "You being an impostor" comment up there, our patience has been spread to thin to even consider that!! :-)

    Hopefully you will find my question valid, and hopefully I will get reasonable feedback from you.

    Reaching out to the community as you are, is very important, and gives us a certain level of comfort regarding the future of TP and WebOS in general, but, you must AT LEAST have an idea of how much frustration has been building up lately because of the lack of communication from HP. You are asking for our feedback, and you've received plenty of it already; What about you giving us feedback on those areas that we have been lacking so much on? These are the ones that come to mind, I'm sure others will add on:

    - For us pre- owners... Will there be a sprint hand set in the near future? I don't think that you owe us anything, other than an explanation. It is pretty much a slap in the face that we have not heard a word on this subject from HP. There may not be a definitive answer here, but there has to be some information that can be shared with your most loyal customers. Is HP trying to get it on sprint? is sprint rejecting your approaches? is there not going to be a sprint handset in the near future? I particularly want to make up my mind soon about staying with sprint or going with another carrier with the pre2 or Pre3 (when it is available). I Will really hate to know that I've wasted all this time waiting for a Sprint WebOS phone that never made it. AGAIN... I'm not saying that you need to spill all the beans and tell us everything, we just need to have an idea.

    - Promises... What's HP's current position with the CEO's promise of "Not releasing a product until it is perfect"?

    - Performance tweaking, GPU optimization: when can we expect a resolution on this? Is there at least ETA? Please guys no "In the coming months!" jokes.

    - Other Fixes... what fixes can we expect to he there for the TP in the next few weeks. Is there a list of things HP are working on already?

    I seriously look forward to hearing back from you regarding these items.


    Carlos M. Jr.
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    I just saw this thread, I haven't taken the time to go through it all yet, but I wanted to make sure to add my voice to Text Editing!!!!!

    I'm so close to getting the touchpad, but if I'm going to use it, I must have text editing.

    Especially for that incredible keyboard!

    I'm sure you've had lots of input Natalie, I just wanted to quickly add my two cents.

    Now I'll go back and actually read the thread.

    Oh! and before I forget, you know what I've wanted for a while now? A Select All AND Copy command in the drop down menu on the left.

    If I have a chunk of text that I'm selecting, chances are I'm going to copy it. If you had a Select All AND Copy command then that would be one less step. Just what Palm was all about!

    Okay, I'll shut up now.
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    man I love my touchpad! Compared to my wife's ipad1 there is no contest to which one is better. Everything has worked perfectly since I started it up. I have had one random restart but nothing besides that. HD videos look amazing on it, typing is nearly as good as a real keyboard, yes it does have finger prints EVERYWHERE (but they come off with a simple swipe of the microfiber). Can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow!
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    Things that i would like to see...

    • Netflix (my top wanton desire)
    • Remote Desktop/VNC support
    • Logmein/Teamviewer apps
    • Ventrillo app.
    • Many of the major banking franchise apps.
    • A native music player that doesn't suck...
    • More codec support out of the box. Both Audio and Video. Or at least a plugin environment.
    • Launcher page editing. <Add/remove/rename/etc>
    • With the gesture to swipe up, can we remove the ^ from the launcher bar already!? And maybe give us more icons then 4+launcher
    • Improve the PDF app, let us do 1/2/4 page views, instead of being stuck one page at a time. Example, be able to view a magazine PDF a page at a time, or 2 pages, like you would if you were looking at a real mag or book.
    • And 1 other thing I lost train of thought on, lol. I will edit in if I think of it.

    Things that need to be released already...
    • HP Movie store
    • Kindle!
    • Doc Editing.
    • Miscellaneous Lag improvements. (otherwise the device is super fast and crisp)
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    Thanks for listeningm everything in above posts on what is missing. Yet, I would add a true (Task/To Do) app, I was surprised you did not have that app at all on the TouchPad. I was really looking for a much better intergrated PIM Suite (calander/ Task/ Contacts/ Memos) in WebOS 3.0. I was hopeful HP would try to bring some of the options and customization of the old Palm PIM back to WebOS, and use the greatness of synergy and intergaration better. This is still for me at least a foundation I use in my mobile computing, and I feel that the competion is still lacking in the Android and IOS platforms. So if HP can really add those function back in the right way they can be a true leader in those Apps. But lauch touch Pad with no TODO/Task apps was lacking. I am hopeful that HP has a plan to bring that back with a future update, with great intergration with the Calander, Contacts and Memos.
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    Thanks for listening. You have quite a few apps, including TapNote that you highlight, that work with Dropbox, but you have no Dropbox client for the TouchPad. There were a couple for Pre, but none for TouchPad.

    I know everyone wants Netfilx and video sites like hulu. I agree, but another avenue would be for you to partner with and extend their trial from 14 days to 60 days or 90 days for TouchPad owners. It works for Satelight radio in cars; Microsoft office, and other software on PCs; and PalmOS devices did it with Kinoma so that people could watch Media.

    Even if you don't partner with them, just working with them and pointing TouchPad users to the site would buy you time for dealing with all the Codecs or apps required to view the individual sites. I watch Netflix, hulu, Comedy Central, Amazon Premier, watch my own avi files, and many other video sites through Playon. Have someone jump and this point and you'll at least be able to advise people of an interim solution.
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    I <3 my touchpad too... :-)
    Palm m515 } Moto Q9c } Palm Pre } Palm Pre } Palm Pre } Palm Pre } Palm Pre } Palm Pre } bought a Palm Pre off of Ebay } that died } downgraded to an HTC EVO 4G } holding out hope for another WebOS device (also Preordered a Touchpad and have had it ever since the first day it came out!)
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