Thursday night I went down to the BB in Glades and no demo TP's. Asked a guy and he said they would be receiving them tomorrow, but they had no demo either. Then went onto a WallyMart and no luck there. Ok, stroll on Friday.

Went to a different Best Buy and no signs of any TP's, this was around 5:30pm on 7/1. Asked a guy there and he said they would be setting up a specific area for the TouchPad in the next few days. They had some in stock and a demo unit. Fantastic. Can I play with the demo unit please. Sure he says and off he trots. Comes back a few mins later with 3 HP TP boxes. Sorry, no demo units just these 2 that we have for sale. I confirmed that they only had 2 units for sale and he stated yes. The had a 16GB and a 32GB. Didn't want to buy without having a play with one first. So, went to a Costco, a different WallyMart and a Target. None of these stores had any TP's.

All in all a pretty dire experience and I still haven't played with one. Closest I have come is the WebOS SDK that I've had for a while.

Was kind of tempted to go back to the BB with the 2 units and buy one, but really want to fiddle with one.

May try again tomorrow. Just envious of all you other peeps that are able to go to stores that have actual demo units.