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    I'm still thinking. Gotta make it good, ya know? So I thought, why not see what others are doing. So let's hear it.
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    HP Touchpad was good for me.
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    <my name>'s Touchpad

    I know, I'm just so creative.
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    If I were to get one, I'd name it 'PalmPad'.
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    Im calling mine Mongo!
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    cuz it's so effin big and heavy
    I see pandas.
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    I name all of my systems at home after Greek philosophers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Blank View Post
    I name all of my systems at home after Greek philosophers.
    I use Norse mythology myself. My desktop/server is asgard, the windows partition on my laptop is fittingly named hella. The linux partition is valhalla. My pre (well, the bluetooth name) is glathsheim. I don't know what my next webOS device will be named (no prospect of buying a touchpad anytime soon).

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    mine is JPad, one because my initials are JP and the other reason is because it also spells out Pad.
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    My Precious
    MacBook PRO 13" 2011 i5
    TouchPad 16GB
    HP Veer on T-Mobile
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    Serenity (homage to a great show)
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    HPsTP - It means more than what it first seems
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    HP TeschPad (my last name).

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