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    I've lurked for a while on here and since I now own two WebOs devices, Pre2 and a TP I figured I'd say hello. What better way to say hello to throw my $0.02 about the launch of the TP.

    I've been awaiting the ship date for sometime like most of you with anticipation; however after reading the early reviews I was hesitant to go through with an order. Honestly, reading posts from some that actually received their units I'm relived that outside a few minor issues it's a good product. With all that HP has riding on WebOS and the popularity of tablets, HP has no choice but to tweak and tune the Touchpad via software. Not until the Opal and 3G versions will we see any different hardware and even then it will be minor changes.

    Considering I'll primarily be using the TP as an email, web surfing and Kindle device the other items aren't a huge deal to me but I'm happy to see "they're working on it." If they work out all the coding issues, entice more developers and promote quality apps the sales will come. If one looks 1 yr into the future, it's very possible we'll see a very mature product line, (much like the ipad family,) that will be able to go toe to toe with Apple on product quality and content.

    At least that's the way I see it right now, six months will tell us how well HP can penetrate the market. Get a lot of quality apps out there, maybe even add additional features via accessories, etc and HP can not help but be successful.
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    Agree, your reasoning is exactly why I am getting my TP
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    I also ordered one today. I was one of the people that had a Palm Pre on day 1. Although currently I have an iPhone 4, iPad 2 a place exists for WebOS in my mind and I want to give it a go.

    I hope the updates come quicker than they did for the Pre. I want to love it and I think the basis for it is wonderful.
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    I didnt think a tablet could be so fun to use. Great job palm HP

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