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    Called all Staples Retail store within a 50 mile radius in L.A. California. None of them received any shipments of the Touchpads. I have a $500 Staples gift card that i wanna utilize towards the Touchpad and saddly they don't accept gift card payments on so i'm stuck waiting for the time being...

    Anyone seen Touchpads at Staples in California? Or any let alone anywhere in the Country?
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    i think staples officedepot slated for mid july
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    Hit the same thing this morning-- hit Staples because they open early, struck out, sat in the car waiting for BB to open...
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    Placed my order at the Staples retail store through their kiosk (Customer Service Dept) and was able to use my $500 gift card towards the purchase. Delivery Date is set for (07-05-11).

    That's right...this coming Tuesday I'll have my Touchpad in my hands!!!

    BTW..It seems like changed their expected delivery date to this coming Tuesday (07-05-11). I could have sworn I saw the expected delivery date around 07-22-11 just yesterday during the "Pre-Sale."
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    i think staples officedepot slated for mid july
    An Office Depot in Memphis (Wolfchase) had Touchpads today, but no accessories.
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    The Staples in Port Charlotte, FL, has no Touchpads.

    The Office Depot in Englewood, FL, has 16g and supposedly a 32 somewhere. It wasn't out, but when I went by, they went into the back room and brought out the demo (which hadn't even been turned on yet!) They were favorable towards WebOS, and they liked how fast the accelerometer worked on it.

    One Wal-Mart in Port Charlotte had the 32g, but the other three didn't and weren't aware of any coming in.

    Sam's did not have one.

    However, the ATT kiosk in the Port Charlotte Mall had a black Veer on display, and the sales reps actually knew what it was and what they were talking about! They were favorable to the WebOS system!
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    According to the Staples, they will have something may be around 7/17

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