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    I tried pairing my pre- with a bb demo unit. It paired, but it wouldn't connect when I tried calling on the tp.
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    How much less was the demo? I have seen a lot of issues with demos so far.
    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilKell View Post
    Excellent news, and it certainly clarifies things. I didn't think it would work that well at all. I'm guessing the emulator sucks? LOL.
    Emulator is pretty weak small screen and I just hope HP or webOS Internals can fix it to make it more usable. Too be honest I'm like everyone else using their TP looking for Touchpad versions or only using older non-pdk apps as little as possible.

    Either way, I love my TP 32gb and have no regrets. I can even see living with my Pre- for a few more months - Hopefully! Sorli...
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    This is interesting. I successfully paired, received and made calls, received and sent sms messages with my Pre 2 and a demo unit at Best Buy last week. I just got a Touchpad yesterday and am unable to get messaging to work through the same Pre 2, but calls are working fine. It sounds like messaging will happen with an update, but then how was I able to do it on a demo unit with the same phone?
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    calls will work. Messaging will reuire a new version on the phoneto make txts work.
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