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    Just tried to do this with my TP and Pre2. Phone app on TP works fine, but every time I try to send an sms/text message it asks to connect my phone. I am pretty sure this was working with my TP and Pre+.
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    I'm using Voogle XL on my tp. I have an original Pre and a Sprint account and a GV number. SMS works fine using Voogle XL but it only checks every five minutes. You can also manually check. Hope this helps.
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    my pre 3 works great with my tp, sms and phone calls.
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    your post only applies to non-sprint carriers as google and sprint has paired up in aspect to google voice...if you have a sprint number and a google number you can choose either as it primary number and thus texting using voogle will be your sprint number a sprint customer I had this option didn't switch at the time becuz of no mms,...but that's gonna be changing soon, or has changed haven't checked on it in a while
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    I am running a Pre 2 on Big Red and have a TP and would really like for the texts to be received and sent from the TP. Any1 found a way 2 pull it off yet?
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    This should work with webOS 2.2.4, but we don't all have that yet

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