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    Annoying? Yes.

    Easily ignored? Yes.

    I'd love to see a patch come out to keep this from happening but it's not really that big of a deal. It's one of those little PITA annoyances that are so nice to fix but can be lived with.

    It -is- really odd that the browser supports overscrolling to the sides though, makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, what the hell is it trying to show us over there? Is there some secret "off the screen" information we need to be able to access? What dev at HP/Palm thought this was a good feature to add? Lol!
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    any way to disable this? At first it seems like a minor inconvenience but it is also stopping me from dragging objects on web pages, for example a new style of captcha is to assemble a picture by dragging images. This is impossible to do on the touchpad...
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    It might have been a quirky feature, once upon a time.

    Now, it's become a major flaw.

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    It's fixed in the leaked 3.03 build, so I think it will be fixed when a new official update comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icecreammm View Post
    It's fixed in the leaked 3.03 build, so I think it will be fixed when a new official update comes out.
    Cool.. I hope so too. It is as if HP allocated the WebOS browser same amount of 'bounce' laterally, as they did vertically.. and what IS the point of that?

    'Unpinch' gesture to zoom, is understandably going to give some lateral 'float'.

    However, I have found that intuitively I want to apply a one finger 'touch to hold/lock' with my other hand to stabilise the page, whilst then working within it with the remaining hand.. is that a workable multitouch option?

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    I discovered today after playing with android that the vertical scroll almost HAS to have some play to it otherwise your brain melts down when all of a sudden it stops. (hyperbole) the horiz motion suuucks tho

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    I can't believe how many people don't really care about this. This is one of my biggest issues coming from iOS. When I'm reading websites I like to scroll constantly as I'm reading, and the jittery motion is very annoying. I would love to see this fixed.
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    This Yahoo! Tablet page doesn't work correctly.


    I think that it is because of the left-right bounce in the browser. To scroll between the images/stories on this page, i suspect that the browser needs to be stationary horizontally.

    If this is the case, this feature/bug will effect your usage on other webpages designed for tablets.

    PS. Page works perfectly on my iPod Touch 4, and my Dell Streak 5.
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    HP finaly fixed this !
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    Well mines not fixed.
    seems everybody thinks the camera update is the wow feature.

    Has to be the worst camera of any of the currant tablets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andytvcams View Post
    Has to be the worst camera of any of the currant tablets.
    True, camera sucks. But it's not current anymore since it's been discontinued so that doesn't count, right?
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    I thought it was at least reduced after the update, but now I think I'm imagining things and just getting a little better at scrolling and copying text without it being quite as annoying.
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