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    This does not affect the TouchPad browser only. Emails does the same too.

    Checkout this video
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    IMO, it's not that big of a deal considering it snaps back into the middle properly. It would be a different story if it's unable to center itself automatically. I'm sure a patch can fix that.
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    The one place this really bothers me is Google Reader. It can become impossible to scroll from item to item because it wobbles and then tries to bring the whole page along, not just the scroll area.

    App people out there IMO there is a big need for a simple RSS reader Touchpad size that integrates well with Google Reader. Mosaic is strange and beautiful but I think it is going to annoy me. I used to love Scoop but it appears all but dead and I have seen no plans for a full-sized version.
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    I hated this on the pre too. It was updated this way around 1.3 I think.

    You will get used to it maybe but I would return if you think it will be changed.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Did not even notice this until reading this thread and going back to see it. Does not even come close to being an issue to me and would not want them to spend anytime changing until any and all other issues were handled.
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    It's just stupid to make the page shaking horizontally while scrolling, despite the fact it's already scaled to fit the screen. It's annoying. I thought the purpose of bounces is to let user know there's nothing to scroll, you've reached the edge. In case of 100% width I already know there's nothing to scroll horizontally.
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    The fact that its a tablet should disallow the scrolling from side to side as it makes no sense and makes for a weird scrolling experience.

    anyone else think this is a bug that will get fixeD?
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    <threads merged>
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    it's also quite jittery while it bounces from side to side. If it were smooth, it wouldnt bother me so much.
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    Actually, this is a big issue and a problem that extends beyond the page moving side to side.

    Overall the browser is crap and has me quite annoyed as I thought this was going to be a strength of this tablet.

    Because the browser moves side to side, advanced HTML5 features like swiping of individual content elements within the browser will not work, the entire page will move.

    I build advanced advertising for ad networks like Google mobile ads and major brands. If items like "swipe to go to next" , "swipe to reveal", "360 degree animations", etc., etc... won't work on the TP and other future WebOS devices, this is a HUGE problem.
    I have tested about 10 our our sites and also tested all of Google mobile ads interactive ad units and NONE of them work with this browser.

    Why is this a huge problem? Because the ad networks will not be able to target any WebOS devices. This will mean the brands that are buying these ads will consider the WebOS devices as inferior. This means they will not build apps for WebOS.
    And a large portion of the apps on iOS and Android are built buy or sponsored by brands.

    The browser right now is a huge FAIL.
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    this didn't bother me until I read this thread.
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    lol me too. Didnt notice til now. Not a big deal to me
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    Wash the sand out of your ****** and you'll be fine.
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    Something I've noticed that might help you guys.

    If you double tap to hone in on a text element, the screen allows you to swipe up and down without the wobble. At least if you have a general up/down swipe. You can still make it wobble if you stray too much.
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    any preware fix for this yet?
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    I agree that it isn't a deal breaker, but this is a pretty annoying behavior. It isn't only a few pixels, as if it's seeing a "limit". You can actually drag the whole browse page nearly off the screen. And it isn't just the browser, as some have mentioned. Also, it does NOT always center back perfectly... especially when you have double tapped to "optimize" the size of text.
    I read somewhere that it is due to Apple holding patents for a lot of the multi-touch behaviours, and it is true, no one multi touches like iProducts. But I'm sure that this can be improved without infringing... especially since others have done so.
    This won't make me take it back... There is already a list of other reasons... but I'm going to at least wait till my 14 days from BB are up, hoping that after two weeks past launch, there will be some sort of update, or at least an announcement. I can live with little bugs and annoying behaviors for a year or two... I have the Pre, and the Veer, after all... But I will NOT go another year without ability to edit documents on my mobile devices, or to run a program from a remote desktop app... or even have a great ePub reader... These features are now too common, and too well done elsewhere for a consumer to be expected to just be patient when he's spent the same amount of money.
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    just checking to see if the webos update changed any of this
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    i don't own tp but I know exactly what you are talking about. I noticed this same issue on my pre2 using lexi-comp app and it was definitely annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demetry14 View Post
    Don't seem to have the problem when i scroll "correctly". But when I drag my finger on a slight diagonal it does move the page as such.

    "Seems more like a feature then a problem".

    "BUT it is totally user preference if you ask me".
    go try to scroll on hbo go or max go. i can't get it to work at all... instead the browser moves from left to right. makes the site useless.
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