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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    hp needs to send rep to stores.
    they do. They are at best buys on weekends.
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    Went into Bestbuy today to look at (buy) a touch pad and guess touch pads out, no display nothing. Infact the only tablets working the entire store were 2 ipads, all the rest were not working. I ask the sales rep about the hp tablet and he said "hp makes tablest" he then yelled to the other guy and he said "yea we have them in the back, I could get one out if you want, did you show them the ipads."

    As I shook my head, a manager walked by and said finding everthing today, I said no, I'm not. You don't seem to have any tablets for sale except the ipad, his reply was well they are the #1 seller.....I simply said, I wonder why and walked out of the store, still shaking my head.

    This was the best buy in woodbridge, Virginia. I just happen to be down that way and I will never make the mistake of going in the best buy again.
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    Best Buy in Carmel, IN - good experience. I started playing with it, and the sales lady asked me if I needed help. I asked her what she knew about the device and although she had limited knowledge she still tried to sell the device and went as far to say "its my favorite tablet and better than the other 2". Knew it had a different OS and showed me multitasking.

    Walmart on 96st in Fishers IN - had nothing and had no idea what I was talking about (at least the guy I spoke too, but he generally seemed to have no clue).

    Side note this is the 2nd time I've played with one and I'm now firmly in the "I want one now camp". Go Sprint
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    great best buy experience.. I tried to use my 10% off coupon on my phone and it was the legit coupon and it didn't list the touchpad or HP products as an non-eligible device so I asked to talk to a manager and he read the coupon and said I was right and I got the 32gb for like $530... sweet..
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    The Walmart in my town has the Touchpad but not on display. Just in a locked case underneath a display of kindles.

    The best buy near me has one touchpad on display. Its kind of a sad display. A whole two sided display all to itself and one touchpad which doesnt even sit right on the holder because of all the security cables attached to it. On the other side there was just a stack of screen protectors for the TP. I've been in there twice and the first time, the TouchPad ran super well. I didnt see any lags at all. The second time however, the launcher got stuck and the screen seemed less responsive. I blame this on kids smashing there fingers all over it like its a toy though. lol.

    To me, the one display I saw wasnt all that great. I dont even think the Best Buy had the Veer. To me, they should have had two touchpads (one on each side of the display) and the veer on display next to it to show they go together. This display was right in front of everything and didnt even attract attention.
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    Had a good time at my local Best Buy today trying the TouchPad. It was very fast and I didn't notice the lag issues that many had mentioned. I even bluetooth linked it with my Verizon Palm Pre and called my wife. Pretty cool. Seems like a pretty nice tablet, so I hope we find some good apps coming out for it. Also, it would be nice to know if a method to get Classic to work on it might be worked out. Compared to the Galaxy, it was a little heavier in the hand, but WebOS is just so much better. Even had multiple sales people come by and try out the other TouchPad and find something that they all admitted was more than they expected. Still got a few weeks before I might need to use my $50 rebate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simonh View Post

    Side note this is the 2nd time I've played with one and I'm now firmly in the "I want one now camp". Go Sprint
    Me too, played with a unit at BestBuy Greensboro. Functioning unit on display in the midst of the other 'droids and ereaders. Highly impressed with the build quality, fluidity of the OS, no lag whatsoever but some flash heavy sites I tested were slower to load than on a PC. Didn't feel much heavier than an Ipad and was easily handled probably because much of the extra weight may be centered around the touchstone coil.
    After thinking that the tablet was a device without a use, I left convinced that the touchpad was a device I could use to replace my laptop and had to overcome a strong urge to lay down the plastic.
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    Hopped into my local Best Buy in hopes of being able to play with a Touchpad. At first I didn't think they had one because the kiosk just had two fake Veers but then I went around to the other side and there was a single lonely Touchpad sitting there. Really weird... you'd think they'd want the Touchpad to be front and center. Oh well.

    Anyways, played around with the TP for a few minutes so here are my impressions:

    Fast, fluid, and responsive. There was no noticeable lag. All the apps I tried opened quickly and had no issues. Keyboard responded to inputs as it should. The swipe up gesture was a little wonky and sometimes took 2 or 3 tries to get it to register. I think it just likes a certain speed for your finger swipe so you'd just have to get used to that.

    Screen was beautiful. Very vivid and bright.

    Size was nice. My brother recently got a Xoom and that thing is just awkward to hold for longer than a few minutes but the TP was very comfy. The curved back makes it feel thinner than it really is and very nice to hold in the hands.

    Definitely a little heavier than competing tablets but definitely not a deal breaker. I wouldn't have a problem with it but i'm built like a gorilla so an extra 1/3rd of a pound doesn't mean much.

    Tried to connect to my Verizon Pre+ running 2.1 through Bluetooth but it just would not connect correctly. I kept getting an error message saying it couldn't connect but then up in the notification area it said that it was, in fact, connected. Had my girlfriend send me a text real quick and waited a few minutes but it never showed up on the TP. Dunno what I was doing wrong or if its just my particular phone. Oh well.

    Overall, its a very enjoyable product to use and I think paired with a Pre 3 would be an amazing combo.

    I honestly didn't experience ANY lag or long waiting times at all and no freezing or reboots. Everything just worked as it should save for the bluetooth to phone connection.
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    The Best Buy in Pearland, TX has one on display, but with a big white zip-tie across the center of the screen, through the adhesive security device on the back ... NONE of the other touch screen slates had this. However, some phones did. It was very annoying. Application market aside, the Touchpad is definitely the iPad's strongest contender. I like the Touchpad better. I will admit, if the iPad wasn't such a closed ecosystem, used a standard usb port for charging and syncing and didn't require itunes for anything, I'd consider it.
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    HP owes me ....... an APP or something. lol.
    Went to 2 Best Buy stores on Wednesday (Aug 10th) in Burlington Ontario.

    Best Buy Mobile (Burlington Mall) had 4 tablets when I asked. The Samsung, Playbook, HP Touchpad and of course, the iPad. When asked to see the Touchpad, the sales lady said it was in the back room and not on display. I didn't bother to ask why.

    Best Buy Bulk store (Brant Street, Burlington) had a big banner on the front featuring the HP Touchpad. Inside, there were 7 - 10 Touchpads available for perusing. Unfortunately, ALL of them were without the 3.0.2 update. When I mentioned it to the "geek staff" (or whatever Best Buy calls them), he said they didn't have time yet to update the Touchpad systems - an update that was already 10 days old.

    So ....... as a loyal webOS fan, I pushed a button - the Update icon - and once the Touchpad said an update was available, I then pressed another button - download the update. As soon as the update installed, I tried the Touchpad again (using the same unit).

    What a difference! It was faster and smoother - something I had heard before, but was never able to "experiment" with the change. Suffice to say, it was a much better experience. Before I left, I told one of the tech guys what I did. He thanked me, and said he would pass this along to his boss.

    In my own home town, the Retailer (Future Shop - owned by Best Buy) had staff kinda dissing the Touchpad. When a customer asked, they tended to corral the potential Buyer towards the iPad. I, of course, interjected my 2 cents. Personally, I wasn't impressed - tough to sell something if the Retailer is not "really" interested. To be fair though, the update was just rolling out. And the Touchpad is a different machine once the update was installed.

    If HP wants to make it right, start by addressing these issues with the Retailers.
    Visited my hometown Retailer once again (Future Shop). They had 2 Touchpads on display. The 16 Gb unit was not working (maybe the battery was dead - idk). The working 32 Gb model still wasn't updated to 3.0.2. As well, it wasn't connected to the Net - so I couldn't update this unit. The salesman said it slowed down the machine, hence no Net. Go figure.

    All that being said, the clerk said they only had one Touchpad left in stock, and that they had been selling fairly well. Prices were listed at $399 & $499.
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