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    Quote Originally Posted by Meltedwire View Post
    BB told me they had them but weren't putting them out for a couple of weeks. I looked at the guy like he was nuts and said "Launch is today!", that's when he said oh, well let me check. No one should have to hold a sales persons hand to get you to spend $600!
    same for me
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    I'm afraid the demo units will hurt sales more than they help. After playing with a demo unit I was having second thoughts. Came back here to the forum and determined the demo was a dumo.
    The average Joe will play with the demo and buy another brand.
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    Jakeee, you should go back there and talk to one of the managers there. Tell him about what happened and ask if they have the TouchPad.
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    First it took 5 minutes just to find where they hid the thing. iPad, Samsung and BB all had endcaps. They stuck the TouchPad down a regular aisle. Tried to check it out and it basically froze up on me. The volume button would make a sound and would show on the screen, but couldn't get anywhere else. It was a completely black screen. Rebooted it, saw the icons, but then it froze again and couldn't click on anything. So I left after trying for 5 minutes. I doubt many TouchPads are going to sell at that Best Buy location.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    Jakeee, you should go back there and talk to one of the managers there. Tell him about what happened and ask if they have the TouchPad.
    Well after calling and them telling me that a display would be up in a week at the earliest I guess I'll go back in about a week and try it out :|.
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    Seems like I'm in the minority here - had an awesome Touchpad experience at my local BB. Touchpads were on their own island front and center. There were 6 fully functional units on display.

    After a few mins an employee with HP nametag came over and offered to show me a non demo unit with a wifi connection. A lot more apps than the demo unit and he was really trying to sell webos...even tho I told him I was a pre owner. He also showed me a Veer...neat little phone.

    Overall, I was satisfied with my experience. I only wish I was in the market for a pad so I could have helped the rep out.
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    Picked mine up from BB on my lunch hour. This was after failing to pre-order it on Thursday on my lunch hour from BB. At that time, I told a girl I wanted to pre-order it and she said, "Oh, we have them in stock." Another rep who heard immediately corrected her and claimed they didn't and that the release date was tomorrow. I asked him if I could still pre-order one, and he said he didn't think they could do that from the stores.

    Waa waa waaaaaa.

    I'd read this experience happen to others on this forum and so I half-expected it and didn't wanna hassle it either. So I said I'd come back tomorrow to pick up on. As it turned out, I'd forgotten about a lunch date I had on Friday in a completely different part of town, so I ended up going to a different BB to pick it up. There, when I said I wanted to buy the 32GB TouchPad, the rep asked, "HP?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Are you sure? It doesn't have a rear-facing camera, no memory slot." I said, "Yes," again. And he said, "Just making sure." After that, the rest of the transaction went smoothly, but I do plan to let BB know that I felt this wasn't a good tact for the rep to respond with.

    Unlike others on several boards I visit, I've never experience a bad experience with BB. So this one...or two...were a little disappointing, especially being a webOS fan.
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    Walmart didn't have them. Said the HP rep was trying to persuade them to carry them and they might in a couple of weeks. When I walked away and browsed in an adjacent aisle, I heard the associate tell one of his coworkers that someone had just asked about the HP Touchpad as though it was a validation of sorts. I hope they get some in since they won't sell any until they do (obviously).

    Then went to Best Buy and was probably the first person in the store to buy one. There were a dozen of each flavor in the locked display, from what I could see. No price tag on the display unit, but it was a nice large exclusive table for the TP and Veer. I expected to spend several minutes messing around with the display unit but it was so gorgeous that I just had to have it. Was out of there with my purchase in under 10 mins. The associate was neutral, neither excited nor dismissive about my selection.

    After having it for 24 hours, I'm a little less excited, mostly due to the lack of some killer apps, like Netflix, Kindle, doc editing, that I can't text via my paired Pre+, that "back" in the browser doesn't go back to the position on the previous page, that the volume doesn't go high enough, that the back is so slick that it needs a case to keep from dropping it. But I remain hopeful that a few of the bugs will get sorted out in upcoming OTA patches and that Homebrew will help me customize this as much as I have loved tweaking my Pre+.

    One last thought: I had some random reboots in the first few hours while the device was syncing and settling in with my profile and downloads. I have not had one since, so I consider it stable. Not seeing the lag that others have mentioned and would also attribute that to the background syncing issue.

    Overall, well done Palm/HP! webOS still superior to iOS in my experience.
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    I dropped in just to check things out. I have no imediate interest in making a purchase, since I don't have any compeling use requirement, but I wanted to try it, plus review the in-store experience.

    The good:

    They had it on display

    It was zippy and pleasing to hold

    I preferred the thickness over the iPad

    There was an HP rep on hand to sell it

    The bad:

    The display was hard to find, on the other end of the aisles from the end caps promoting all other tablets. This was significant, because I would not have found it had I not purposefully looked for it.

    The wifi was very slow

    Maps didn't work, because it couldn't determine a location

    The HP rep had the "true multi-tasking/just type/card stacks" spiel down, but couldn't get beyond that in his presentation. I got the impression that he didn't really know much about it.


    Overall, I did not perceive any of the negatives mentioned in the reviews. It's a nice product, would be a pleasure to hold while viewing content. The problems in the store are about sales and presentation, not the product itself.

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    Go to launcher, grab any icon, pull it from launcher. Then, open apps, grub one and put into launcher. Hit new icon to start program. Is your TP frozen?

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    Yesterday, I was a little concerned, because I had checked the BB website and there were no TP's in stock at any local BB. Stopped in about 20 minutes after they opened, and went straight to computing. I felt bad, because there wasn't a lot of HP signage or product, but after looking around, it looked like none of the tablet products had anything substantial out - like they were in the middle of reconfiguring the display area generally. Someone else was using the display model, so I asked if they had any and they said "Sure Thing!"

    Walked out no more than 7 minutes later with a 32GB TP, with almost zero experience with it (I played with the display model while he pulled mine from stock).
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    Went to my Best Buy today (Saturday the 2nd @ 3pm). I couldn't find the Touchpad at first. The Galaxy Tab, Xoom, and iPad2 all had endcaps. The Touchpad was mixed in with the netbooks. I had to ask a sales guy where it was. He said the HP rep had just left and they had just set it up and been trained on it. I didn't tell him I had a Pre and was familiar with it. He seemed excited about it and said it had the best multitasking and opened a few tabs and flicked them around. A little while later another guy came and asked if I had any questions. I told him I was just playing with it. I showed him my Pre and said I wanted to check out the Touchpad but was waiting for the Pre3 to come out first. He just kinda stared at me like he didn't know what I was talking about.

    My overall impression was great though. I didn't have any problems with the touchpad. They didn't have wifi set up so I couldn't check the browser like I wanted. But I opened a bunch of apps, played some games, looked at photos, etc. Everything seemed really quick and fluid. I didn't have any issues with sluggishness. Some apps like the photo app popped up so instantaneously when I clicked on it that I thought maybe I had left it open, but I made sure to close it and reopen it and it was instant again. I've never even played on a Pre2 or Veer so it was my first time dealing with card stacks and just type, both of which were cool. If the Pre3 performs as well as the touchpad did for me, I'm going to be 100% satisfied.

    Afterwards I went to Walmart for groceries and swung by electronics. They had no tablets at all except an ipad2 under a glass case. They have a big empty glass case that says "Tablets" under it but there were none. Not even any price tags.
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    I stopped by my Best Buy again this afternoon. I said earlier how the display at Walmart was better than BB... Well, BB managed to move the display into a worse location. I looked around the whole computer area for close to 10 minutes before an associate showed me where it was after I asked.

    He brought over the HP Rep because I was asking about the accessories. Here's where it got worse. The HP Rep really didn't know much at all. She kept referring to the Touchstone charger as the "charger stand". Out of curiosity I asked if that was the Touchstone. She said she thought it was.

    She didn't seem very confident about her knowledge. So either HP hasn't done a good job training their field Reps, or she simply forgot everything. There was more, but those are the highlights.
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    I went to two Walmarts. One didn't have any Touchpads or display, the second had no display but did have three boxed touchpads in a locked case. Where is that nice display I was expecting?

    I also went to my local Best Buy and the HP Touchpad display was in shambles.

    * There was no sign other than the small placards in front of two TouchPads.
    * Both TouchPads were out of commission.

    I got one of the touchpads up, but it was extremely sluggish and there was only the basic apps, there should be at least one flashy app for demo. The sales person told me that it was the Best Buy network which was messed up, but the iPad (in a wonderful display next to the touchpads) worked like a charm.

    Each touchpad was tethered to the stand with a spiral cord. Lifting the touchpad up made it feel like it weighed over 5 pounds! The stands would only allow the touchpads to sit securely in one specific portrait orientation, in the other orientations the touchpad fell off the stand and sit on it's side.

    The HP sales representative happened to show up and talked to me for a good hour. He was as disheartened as I was with the state of the Touchpads and couldn't get the other one to boot either. I noticed that the battery of the working unit sitting at only 17%. There was definitely something wrong as it was plugged in via their USB cable and showed the charging symbol. Sheesh!

    On the bright side, I did get an HP WebOS shirt from the representative, but he only had small, XL, and XXL. I'm a medium, but large would have worked. I ended up with an XL which I'll still wear with a smile.

    The Touchpad I played with was so bad I couldn't believe this is the experience that came out of the box so I decided to take it on faith and put in my order via Amazon (which ended up having the best price for me) anyway.

    I did get a small crowd that was gathering interested when I showed what WebOS could do on my Pre2 instead of the Touchpad.

    HP, please take action. This is not the way to market a product.
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    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.

    So what's the scoop on Pre- and the TP? Phone calls from HP head office to CEO Leo A. indicated Pre- was not a compatible device and I shouldn't consider buying the TP as only Veer and Pre3 w/v2.2 was compatible. Do the Palm Profile not get broken when you add the TP or are you still good once it's added? Appreciate any feedback as have thought I'd have to go BlackBerry or Android.

    Cheers, Ray
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    Folks, here's a thread to keep all the comments about BestBuy in one place. Since HP is sending reps to the stores, having your experience in one thread might make it easier for them to read, should they stop by.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhidden View Post
    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.

    So what's the scoop on Pre- and the TP? Phone calls from HP head office to CEO Leo A. indicated Pre- was not a compatible device and I shouldn't consider buying the TP as only Veer and Pre3 w/v2.2 was compatible. Do the Palm Profile not get broken when you add the TP or are you still good once it's added? Appreciate any feedback as have thought I'd have to go BlackBerry or Android.

    Cheers, Ray
    Well, you don't get Touch-to-Share, or SMS forwarding. However, I've had my Pre- tethered to my TouchPad, and have successfully answered calls on the tablet, and also used the Pre- for an internet connection.

    It was actually a big help today while I was trying to solve an issue with my POP email account.. I was on speakerphone on the TouchPad, and tapping through setup options.

    -- edit: I was also able to log into my existing Pre- account on the Touchpad, and it brought over pretty much all my settings and a few apps, though the Mojo apps run in that little window.
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    appreciate the reply and didn't expect TTS or the other features that come with pairing a Veer/Pre3. Just glad the two work together with the one Palm Profile after being led to believe they wouldn't. I think I'll wait for the first OTA update and definitely will only purchase when Touchstone and Bluetooth keyboard are available the local store here in Edmonton. Hope the Touchstone last longer than the one I bought with my Pre- which lasted less than 3 months before it died.

    After my two year contract w/Bell Mobility on Pre- is up mid-2013 will get Pre3 or latest HP webOS phone.

    Cheers, Ray
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    Well I stopped by a BB in Flushing NY. New store. There was a display with cardboard cutout touchpads but no working demos. The veers were just plastic fakes as well. I asked about the demo unit and was told "we don't have it up yet" They informed me they could sell me one but the demo wouldn't be up until tomorrow. When I insisted to speak to the manager in charge of this decision, seems like the first was just blowing me off but finally one went to the back and got the geek squad guy to let me see it. The I (noobie me) schooled him in webos and both of us really enjoyed the angry birds effect. He thought maybe he would like to have a webOS tablet as he realized that the other tablets couldn't do what the Touchpad could. He asked me about apps and lags and I explained to him that there is an OTA update coming that should take care of some of the lag but I didn't really experience it after the TP was completely booted up. Let him know about HP really courting developers to get more apps but that there were more TP specific apps than android tablet specific apps. He let me know he learned a lot from this time when he was supposed to be showing the tablet to me.

    Really like it debating between getting it through newegg no tax free shipping or through QVC tax (54.00) shipping (14.00) but great price on the accessories and all come together at the same time. Newegg does have shipping on the accessories.
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