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    In Logan Utah our Walmarts have had the Touchpad for almost a week, but our Bestbuy doesn't even have displays....?? So dumb. So, I went in to bug them today (since I pre-ordered it) and they aren't in the store yet. It's a 'maybe tonite at 8' answer. Come on bestbuy! You sell technology! So get the technology I want (on time)!! Hehe. First world problem...

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    I used to work in logistics for Best Buy. My guess is that they are counting on it coming in on the truck from the distribution center tonight. If you want to know for sure, you can pull the sku from the Best Buy website and they should be able to look up the manifest for the truck in RSS (their virtual inventory system). At least you would know for sure if they're allocated product to come in tonight.
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    Ooooo, I like that. I will try.

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