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    I find that the sound quality is quite good. TP uses a WM8994 codec which has a built-in 5-band EQ and speaker compensation. We just need an app or patch that allows adjustment. Support for these things is in the current kernel driver.
    A, WM8994 codec! Same as GalaxyS! I could try to tweet supercurio (guy from android side of fence - creator of voodoo sound)
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    I just spent a while with the TouchPad at my BestBuy and the Speakers were great! Beats Audio is for better audio quality as said above, not loudness. The speakers are not as loud as they could be but everywhere you would use them, like at home, it won't be a problem. I would rather have these speakers on my TouchPad than a loud crappy one (or even a loud ok one).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    I was (and sort of still am) feeling this exactly. But, after just spending some time with the device itself, I have to say I was blown away. It certainly had its slow moments but all-in-all the thing just plain performs. I was one of the people griping about the weight, but after using it I feel sort of foolish.

    The question is, do I jump on board like I did with the Pre and wait for updates to fix the issues? The Pre certainly got better as time went on and more updates were released. And I definitely suspect the same thing will happen here. But, the Pre never got to the point where it was "right." Always had the hiccups, never got doc editting, never got flash and apps came but with no access to the hardware a ton of them never really panned out.

    So I am trying to decide, do I want to get one now and "trust" HP or do I sit back and wait? Its an internal struggle.
    well of course you're going to seem foolish about the weight.. we're talking grams of weight here.. not even really noticeable. If, the touchpad was 1 lb heavier, then ok, maybe there's so re-thinking and engineering to do. But really, people are just going to always attack an item because it's not apple. They will never be happy unless it's apple. Has it had its slow moments? Sure it can man. This is software engineering. No product is perfect.. even the holy grail pad. I was playing with an ipad once and honestly, i was trying to load a couple of apps and it wouldn't even load. I would click the app, the screen would stutter a bit, then it just didn't do anything. Yes i know, even apple doesn't have a perfect product... no no, consumers just put apple on the pedestal because it's apple and that's what steve jobs said so.

    As for jumping on board, stay with it. The difference this time around: HP. Money. Resources. Power. HP managed to bake this thing within 1 year. That right there is impressive. That means they are serious. There was pressure to get the tablet on the market, by users as well as shareholders, the industry as a whole. Improvements will come and they will be significant. The pre never got to the right point until the pre 2 because Palm just did not have man power to back it up. The funding wasn't there.

    Think about it this way:
    12 months.. HP has managed to deliver 2 devices, with two more on it's way (pre 3, 7" tab) from the ground up as they re-wrote webOS, with enyo being a whole new framework. Do you have any idea how much R&D goes into that, especially in that short time.. not even considering the closing of the merger which that right there takes quite a bit of time, then a new CEO coming on board, staff shuffling as always in a merger...

    I may be the only one around here who is thankful and appreciative of HP for doing this the way they have, and so be it.

    The haters will hate, and kudos to all the staff at HP/Palm for making this happen.
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    I don't think HP was thinking about the fanbase at all. I think they were worried that the RIM's Playbook, various Androids were going to take off and thought they had to get the Touchpad together in time for an international launch before being permanently crowded out of the market. HP was off by a bit. The lack of software optimization shows. Some early decisions in thickness, material, rear camera (I don't care but seems like some people do) couldn't be changed so I don't blame them. I am amazed that Samsung ditched their design and then made a Galaxy 10.1 in only a few months but they are a huge manufacter.
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